About LSG Touch

We are delighted to meet you!

You probably ask yourself – “why are you delighted? You don’t know anything about me, my lifestyle, my body or relationships…”

But we don’t need to know all that, for we love you as you are, here and now. Allow us to welcome you with a smile and warm hug. We have been waiting for years to present you with a full plate of healing, blissfulness, rejuvenation and erotic touch. Enjoy these on your own or at your spouse's loving hands.

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Who are we?

We are a one-person show. We have been a happily married couple for so long that we feel as one. We play different roles, all by ourselves: Designers, artists, witches, tantra teachers, lovers, parents and more. If you would like to provide all this with an official name: We are a family owned and operated business. We have two faces: Lisa Shelly Gabriel and Alexander.

lsg touch

Lisa Shelly Gabriel - Feminine Touch

Hi, my name(s) is Lisa Shelly Gabriel. I am the first and current wife of Alexander, and I am the mother of 3 children. I am a Tibetan Dakini. I am the LSG product-designer and creator. I am a Wicca, Huna, Tantra and shamanism practitioner.

I'm a mother both of 3 beautiful children and of all products created by my hands. I love them, I take care of them. I play with each and every one of them the games it likes. I talk with my products and, in my heart, I can hear them answer. I spend a lot of time in order to understand what they, each and every one of them, can be. To understand what is the hidden potential of the stone, textile, or ceramic. What would it like to be. I sing for them songs of love. Sometimes, I feel that they sing with me. I love them all – every egg, necklace, wand and pendant – as if they are my children.

I'm a chef that cooks your order. And when I cook, I connect with you spiritually and try to feel how I can nurture you with more love, protection, understanding, happiness, and health. Sometimes I sense emotions and see pictures, I can almost hear you. Each order takes different preparation time, shorter or longer – with no visible cause. I think that might be because of the personal connection to you. When I prepare your order - I send you my love. It takes time to reach you, somewhere on the other side of the globe, and this time varies.       

 lsg touch

Alexander - Masculine Touch

Hi, my name is simply Alexander. I'm a father of 3 and husband to the one, Tibetan Daka, Tantra and Zen practitioner. I'd be happy to direct you with questions such as:

  •       What item is the most suitable in order to improve your (sexual) life?
  •       How should I choose a present for my spouse?
  •       How to use breast massage necklace?
  •       What is the best jewelry for Valentines eve?

I'm LSG’s best boy. I am in charge of embracing you with excellent customer service, to delight you with our worldwide delivery service and to protect you and your money with leading payment security services.

Contact me anytime, anywhere, with any question - I will do my best to provide you with our top notch services.


lsg touch

Art and Magic Love, Love and Magic Art, Magic and the Art of Love

We have three sources of inspiration: Art, Love and Magic. All of these must be present in each and every item that we produce. That is why we only sell items that were made with our very own hands. Be absolutely sure - you are going to feel the effect of tender healing from the very first touch.

We are committed to make you happy!

Your happiness is our main goal. We are working toward it on every day, including weekends. Sometimes we are distracted by other stuff, such as TV and sleeping (rarely) or Facebook surfing (momentarily), but these shortly come to an end with our love and passion for one thing - "I would like to return to work." Our work makes us happy, and we hope it will make you happy too.

Tantra and Tao’s great teachings describe many sexual healing techniques, methods and tools. Most of these are extinct or simply do not exist in the modern Western culture. We believe that our passion and knowledge can revive them.