About SEX


Looking through my list of items you might think: What is she selling here? Eggs? Cookies?…

Is it a grocery list?

The fact is that in some ways you are right.

In order to cook great food - or have great sex - we need to love the process.

We need to try and try again, take risks, make compromises. Forget all that we think we know and be ready to start again from the scratch.


I have an MBA in culinary arts and an MA in restaurant management, and so I'm used to thinking in terms of sweet and sour.

When I turn my mind to sex, I imagine sweet… salty… hard... I'm matching dishes, appetizers and desserts. I'm building a menu for a snack or for a gourmet dinner. Something exciting that melts in your mouth.

As a student I was taught that the food has to be tasty. And the same is true of sex. It should be beautifully decorated and presented on fine tableware. It should merge a thousand different tastes and senses into one: the sense of wanting more.

In order to cook great food - or have great sex - we need to love the process. We need to try and try again, take risks, make compromises. Forget all that we think we know and be ready to start again from the scratch.

When I talk about sex, in fact, I have seven different roles - including that of chef. I love to change in and out of these roles.

Sometimes, I play two or more simultaneously; other times I quit them altogether. I will outline them for you here, one-by-one:

Former Systems Analyst


I break sexual activity down into its simple functions and usages. There are plenty of methodologies available. According to the classic Waterfall model of software (sex-ware) design, I should try all possible varieties of sex before I start designing. This would seem to require a lifetime of preparation.

For this reason, I use the modern SCRUM method. I make and trial a new tool every second week. I usually change my mind after each sex session, meaning that I have to redesign the tool – often dozens of times.

In such a way, I succeed in improving the sex-flow by providing highly customized and thoroughly tested tools to access the highest available orgasmic pleasure.

Wife of my Beloved Alexander


As a long-term lover, I have often asked myself: what is the main source of my sexual joy? Am I just looking for pleasure? Is it the desire to feel loved or rather to feel sexy? Or to show off to my girlfriends about our great sex life? Is it possible I'm just looking to try out all these new sex accessories? (I have to trial my tools before offering them to you, don’t I?) Maybe I'm searching for a path to happiness? And many other questions that I have not listed here.

Finally, I have come to understand that my main incentive is to be so close to him that we become one. For a short moment, or for hours, I would like to stop being me. To put a halt to all my problems, tasks and wishes. I long for us to fully join together and become inseparable.

Tibetan Tantra Teacher


I teach myself and others the principle of Namaste. I see the divine inside you! Seeing the divine inside first yourself and then your partner consecrates your sexual relationship. Routine back-and-forth sexual aerobic, becomes prayer or acts of worship.

To accomplish this wonderful transformation I teach hundreds of "how to" topics: How to have an orgasm. How to delay ejaculation. How to listen to your partner. How to get into the mood.

How to break out of routines. How to be sensitive. How to feel more and do less.


LSG Product Designer


I look at sex with designer's eye. How can I improve the act itself? How to prolong it, intensify the orgasm, diversify the foreplay, try more different positions, tighten my sex muscles? This is how I come to introduce new products. I'm constantly looking for ways to merge aesthetics, functionality and usability.

Another way to look at sex is as a kind of masterpiece. The great painters sometimes come back to the same picture again and again. Leonardo da Vinci worked on the Mona Lisa for more than 10 years, and it remained unfinished.

Similarly, I try again and again. I have been working at it now for twenty years. One day, I will construct my masterpiece. And when it happens, it will probably not be as I planned: less functional, not especially usable, and unheard of. It will remain unfinished.

Tender Young Woman


Violence and pornography disgust me. I denounce them!

Practicing Witch

I create a fusion of sex and magic. I make magic wands and other accessories bewitching sexual energy to benefit all participants to cast spells over the sexual energy of everybody present.

I do my best to create a miraculous sexual gateway, opening up new worlds and galaxies wherein our selfhood - and our selfishness - dissolves and disappears.


I invite you to change your own everyday role and to look at sex in new and different lights.