About Touch

lsg touch

Let's play word associations. I say: "touch", you say..: "screen".

The screen is what most people touch most of the time.The screen is touch sensitive, a smart one. When people touch a screen, they are going to open something new on their device. There are many different gestures for different actions.



Sometimes you have to work just with the fingertip, with exact speed and direction.

Sometimes you have to guess where the right point is.

Sometimes you have to be fast and strong.

It is a kind of miracle: We just touch the screen and something new and beautiful appears.


The touch of mala prayer beads is completely different.


Prayers touch each and every bead slowly and softly.

You touch them with words of silence, peace and love.

Touch after touch you open something new in your heart.

It is not Facebook or iTunes or Gmail, but it makes them happy.

Another style of conscious touch is the touch of a birthday cake.



Our loving hands softly pick up cream and cookies.

We place them on the cake with great patience and care.

The most peaceful sweet touch I know.

I have a dream about these three kinds of touch. Actually the dream is not just mine. This is a kind of sexual fantasy that thousands of women have dreamt for thousands of years.

The fantasy of making love with the Indian god Shiva.


Sure you want to ask me: "Why? What is Shiva's advantage over an ordinary man?" Greater endurance? Unlimited credit card?

No! Shiva has six mighty arms. Do not laugh, they are very useful for making love...



The first pair of hands gives me an iPhone-style touch: smart, accurate, turning on the right places.

Two extra hands touch me like the prayer beads: with compassion, patience and deep love.

The last two hands give me a sweet and careful touch of joy and happiness; this makes me feel sweet and luscious like a birthday cake.

For centuries, thousands of women have fantasized about making love with Shiva. So have I. What about you?

lsg touch