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  • adult toy pouch
  • adult toy pouch
  • JUKE
  • adult toy pouch


Hi Darling!

Nice to meet you here, in my virtual home. What's up?

I guess you'd like to do some shopping.

May it be an amazing, unexpected gift to surprise your boyfriend?

Although, it is not easy. Who knows what he needs or wants?  And probably your boyfriend deserves more than a small gift. You know what? -  I have a great idea for you.


Buy a gift for your closest, most intimate and devoted friend.

Guess who?

Of course, It is your favorite vibrator. The pink one.

It feels completely naked and lonely now. It dreams how you cover it with smart and fancy overall.


Everybody in our world, needs love and attention, even vibrator. Trust me; it will return it you even more.

Your Vibe is ingenious lover seeking nothing but your pleasure. It does it much better than some male human beings. It is ready, and hard anytime you want him, isn't it.


So, he worth to be dressed, before undressing. Finally, your dear one will get his first tailor-made suit.

I sewed it for him. It is wild, unexpected and juicy imperfect…

Just imagine how beautiful it can be


When your nice time with vibrator comes to an end, you wash your lover, towel him, and dress him back.

Let it be a person with little hidden plastic heart beats inside.

Next time, when you take him into your hands, you may feel the beats of love.


Well, it is time to be serious… Here is Operating Instructions

Don't put on your amazing Vibe two or even three different dresses one over another. It needs to breathe.

You can dress or undress your sweet toys anytime you want. You can dress every toy in its personal dress.


People say

Your boyfriend: This garment looks so soft and sexy… May I try it on my own?

Your mom: Where did you get it? I'd love such a funny pouch for my glasses.

Your younger sister:  I find a doll sleeping bag in your drawer. May my Sindy sleep in it tonight?

Your best friend: Last night in the pub, I was desperately burrowing in my purse, trying to catch my money. Was in panic, that my Big Black accidentally falls out. I must have one like this.

Your boss: Nice pencil case! My wife bought very similar one last week.


I had a big pleasure to meet you here. You, your tremulous friend and your boyfriend. Take its measures and send me in order remark.  Good vibes!


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10in (25cm)
4in (10cm)
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