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Hi darling! How are you?
I want to show you something (that small round stuff, you see I above)
I think it's an amazing thing that you can enjoy in many situations of your life.

Imagine, you pick two gorgeous, smart, handsome boys.
It does not matter where is it: hairdresser's, yoga studio or Weight Watchers.

Things are getting hot then they wanna make you a body massage. You are lying down, covered by a soft pink bedsheet. And the boys tried to do something pleasant for you. It is easy to imagine, isn't it?

Fine. Then in the middle of this lovely setup, you feel that the first boy is too much professional. Indeed, he is NBA guys' masseur. He tries to release some muscles, that is always painful. Ouch, why now?!

But the second guy – the cutest one - touches you in some light and uncertain way. He strives to please and attract you, but he is too green and excited to understand you without words. Umm, too bad.

This way they may ruin the whole adventure! Help! – I can help.
Pause them, reach out to your purse and give them that Pebble toys.

- Don't be so professional, baby. I just wanna be free and enjoy. Touch me gently with this sweet toy.
- Don't be afraid, honey. No judgment. Just touch me with this WT as slow and as round as you can.

It takes less than 5 minutes to see that it works. Now they are a fine-tuned band. You? Oh, you are in the heaven? Fight to the Carribean? – Who needs it, when it comes here and now. They four hands fill the sky with stars. Evening breeze, sunset, cocktails, and chocolate pancake – you feel them, all.

Sure, Pebble is the right thing! Even if you find only one boy.

Although, you may wonder, how does it work? Look:

1. Man's brain always seeks to the fastest way into woman body. Then they come right to touch vagina and around. Everybody knows it is wrong, but it is an instinct. Tools make an ape to human. Pebble makes a man a lover.

2. Men used to grip on mouse, joystick, stylus, whatever. Finally, Pebble is just the right thing to connect to woman body. Tried and tested!

3. Woman body is like a water– ever-changing, curvy, flowing and overflowing. Woman mind moves like waves – forth and back, around and over. Man will never fully understand it. The Pebble helps him make that nice touch of water. It moves on woman body like a wave. It says to woman body: Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! There is nothing sexier than a man that wakes his woman up in a gently and unexpected way.

4. Both men and women have equal right to enjoy sex. It seems that we, women have less chance of it. Our male partners enjoy playing; we enjoy foreplaying. Pebble turns the foreplay to be smarter, hotter and surprising.

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7.4in (18cm)
1.2in (3cm)
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