How to HOT stone massage your boyfriend

How to HOT stone massage your boyfriend


The best starting point includes the upper back, shoulders, and arms. To prepare your path, apply a small amount of massage oil over the area.

 Then pick a couple of stones from the water and proceed. Be ready to see him surprised.

The stones gentle heat is astonishingly pleasurable. It takes a few minutes to get accustomed to it.

Moving down the back, you reach the buttocks. It is a site for a special treat. Pick two HOT stones from the water; place one on each buttock and cover it with a towel or robe.

Press the stones gently onto the body and hold. Slow, steady heat penetrates the pelvic area, building sensuality and lust.

Continue down to the feet and invite him to turn around.

Start by placing a HOT stone over his heart. His heart will open with a smile and his body will relax. Then you can massage his belly.

Heat and caress the area in a slow, circular motion. This will have a visible lifting effect on him.

Gently, slowly, but firmly place stones on his pubic region down to the bottom part of his body between his legs.


A HOT stone massage on this area directly pleasures his prostate, igniting a wildfire of love.

As his rising part becomes stronger, taller, and wider, move the stones along the shaft. The touch of HOT stone will make that thing stone hard and much hotter.

Now as the HOT stones make you feel smoking hot, irresistibly attractive, and f**cking sexy, put the stones and this guide aside . The truth is I have no more words to share.

 Make love with hot stones, not war.

29th Jun 2018 Alexander

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