How to HOT stone massage your girlfriend

How to HOT stone massage your girlfriend

Imagine your hand holding a stone and traveling over the naked body of your beloved girlfriend. The best starting point includes the upper back, shoulders, and arms.

To prepare your path, apply a small amount of massage oil over the area. Then pick a couple of stones from the water and proceed.

Be ready to see her surprised. The stones’ gentle heat is astonishingly pleasurable. It takes a few minutes to get accustomed to it.

Moving down the back, you reach the buttocks. It is a site for a special treat. Pick two  HOT stones from the water; place one on each buttock and cover it with a towel or robe.

Press the stones gently onto the body and hold. Slow, steady heat penetrates the pelvic area, building sensuality and lust.

Continue down to the feet and invite her to turn around.

Adding hot water will keep the stones in good form. Slide the stones around her breasts, heating the chest as you watch the nipples awaken.

Give special attention to her sexy, sensual belly. Proceed to the lower belly, pubic region, and inner hips.

Pick a bigger  HOT stone to fondle her pubic region. Pick another stone that looks like a candy. Where is the best place for a candy?

Right, nothing is better than a candy in between the lips. And this candy is a HOT one.

By doing this for some 20 minutes, you will experience a real tropical storm of pleasure.

Deafening sounds, overflooding, wild breathing, and lightning storms of orgasm—altogether and once again.

21st Mar 2018 Alexander

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