Sex recipes

Sex recipes

Breaking the rules

Adults such as you and me have thousands of patterns to our daily lives. Every simple action has a pattern to it - including love-making. 

And to start breaking this pattern, I want to introduce something that I call "sex cooking". Great sex is like making a crumbs cheesecake. There are thousands of good recipes, but only one that really works. 

This doesn't mean you need to spend a thousand dollars on ingredients and the whole day preparing it. All you need to do is pick the right recipe. One that is really the best.

Miracles begin to happen

One day, driving home, I started wondering if I was just like everybody else. If I lived my whole life by the recipes. To convince myself it wasn't true, I decided to go home by a different route. Obviously, I got lost. I took several wrong turns and wasted valuable time. Finally, I almost ran out of fuel. I was afraid to stay in the place that I had ended up, and unable to get home. 

Why did I put myself through this? I wanted to prove that I am not a robot. That I am able to try new things, step into the unknown. Scare myself. Get lost. Towards the end of my "go for it" moment, my feelings (especially fear) became much stronger than usual. Once I stopped acting like a robot, I began to wake up. Feel things. Become more human. Because a robot doesn't feel - it performs. 

Now, sometimes I allow myself to be that robot. And other times, I tell myself that there's no plan. I've no idea what I'm going to do next. And when I give myself this freedom, miracles begin to happen.

"Sex therapist in your head" position 

To bypass the regular patterns of sexual behavior, most people go to a sex therapist. 

The sex therapist sits in front of you, in their comfortable chair, and explains you how to change things. Then, when you finally come to make these changes during the real-life act of sex, the sex therapist and their advice replay inside you head! This is the only way that they can help. 

And this position - The "Sex therapist in your Head" - seems rather absurd to me. 

What do I suggest as an alternative? - Pick one  item at random from my store, buy it (with a discount), and try it out (for pleasure). 

Why does it help? - My art and I touch your body, not your mind. 

When you make love using one of my  artwoks, you pay attention to your partner - not to my voice replays inside your head.

For the sake of LOVE

How can you do this? - Simple. I'm going to post some sex recipes. They are like cake recipes - fresh, sweet and delicious. And they include my premium ingredients, such as  Yoni eggs feather dusters finger fun etc. 

Then what? Try them out. Again and again. Add some feelings of your own. Throw in a surprise or two. Lose yourself. Make your own sex recipes, and send them back to me. 

I promise I will try and publish them discretely, of course. So go on. 

For the sake of LOVE, give it a try! 


5th Aug 2018 Lisa Shelly Gabriel

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