Breast massage

How can the breast massage help in opening my heart to love?

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Nobody can do it but yourself, but tantra teachings, and even some Biofeedback theories, claim that the chest, and especially the breasts, is tightly connected to our heart and feelings.

As a tantra practitioner, I read many books and took part in many workshops that taught people how to open their heart. At the end, I understood how important it is to pay close attention to my heart chakra area, including the breasts. Therefore, paying attention and taking care of your breasts can greatly affect your heart and feelings.

Can we use the breast massage before sex?

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Yes, in fact - it is a great idea!

Breast massage is a perfect foreplay, it is can be a great way to calm and relax the both of you. The breast massage helps to reestablish love connection, and also can be used for perfect timing - it makes the man’s arousal go a bit slower, and the woman’s quicker.

Breast massage before any sexual activity can improve both the quality and longevity of the sexual encounter. It sharpens our senses and intensifies feelings of love, joy and pleasure.

How can I lure my boyfriend to make me a breast massage?

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Well, that’s a good question. To achieve success you should know two simple secrets, which I'm going to share with you:

  1. Men are much simpler, rational creatures then women. Show them the clear benefits of something and they will do their best to achieve it.
  2. According to latest studies, about half of the man’s sexual pleasure is in the reflection on the pleasure of his mate.  

Now, with these in mind, we can roll our sleeves and get to the job:

First, explain to your lover the benefits of massaging your breasts. Tell him that it can even save his life!

Resent German study regarding the health of men reveals that watching woman breasts, only half an hour a day, can reduce the risk for cardiovascular decease by 30% (!). This simple loving action will not just open his heart, but literally open his heart's blood vessels. It will provide him with a precious half an hour of observing your beautiful body, with no rush or clear sexual objective.

Second, express your own pleasure and gratefulness, with just your eyes, or maybe some voices. Trust me - that alone will be enough.

Why does it look like this?

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Sometimes, when I make a new model, I look at it and think – that looks like a snake wearing glasses, or maybe 2 cookies connected to each other by a spaghetti string, or how about 2 Olympic medals which I award you, for just one game.

The main reason behind the design of the necklace is the idea that the breasts are an important part of the woman's body. It is possible to say that they are as important as the pin is important part of the man's body.

A man has only one pin and only one thought in each moment. A woman has two breasts and many ways of understanding simultaneously. With this fact in mind, I tried to create a jewel with two heads - the necklace has two heads to take care of two breasts, two heads to express our feminine nature when we working, dancing, shopping, etc., and also the cookies beautify our neck and breasts

What is the right technique to increase my breast size?

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Begin massaging. Move the hands on the breasts from the outside to the center of the chest. While you do so, slide your hands in a circle movement - in small circles, rubbing inwards. One of your hands will circle clockwise and the other will go anticlockwise. Your hands move up on the sides and come down in the center of the chest.

Don't move your hands too quick – be gentle, make the circular movements slow and regular. Breast massage intended to increase breast size requires repetition and consistency.

This particular technique should be carried out for 15 minutes, twice a day. You are supposed to do about 50 circles each session. Be certain to stop a couple of times during the massage and rub your hands together in order to re-heat and energize your hands.

There should not be any feeling of pain, uneasiness or soreness in your breasts during the massage or afterward. If such a sensation or anything similar to it occurs, you might be using too much pressure. Be gentle and steady. The repeating motion is the key - not the used force.

How can the breast massage help in preventing breast cancer?

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While one in eight women will find themselves in the grasp of breast cancer during their lifetime, you don't necessarily have to be one of them.

Your breasts are essentially structures made up of fat and gland, mounted to the female's chest wall with a delicate system of ligaments. The circulation in the breast is much the same as the rest of the body consisting of arteries, veins, and lymphatic vessels. In short, the arteries bring fresh blood to the cells carrying along with it the nutrition that the breast and its tissues need for proper health. The veins bring the blood back from the cells along with cellular waste and toxins. The lymphatics are designed to return the toxin and other waste materials that lie in the intercellular fluid between the cells.

Toxins are believed by many to be the local beginnings of cancerous tissue. It is imperative that these toxins be continually removed through the body's veins and lymphatic vessels. When these toxins are unable to exit the body properly, the possibility of cancer increases.