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  • breast massage necklace
  • breast massage necklace
  • breast massage necklace
  • breast massage necklace
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What is the secret of this necklace?

You'd be surprised - there is more than one secret.

First of all - it is a beautiful and most precious necklace, exclusively made of carefully chosen gemstones. It is intended to produce great healing and empowering energies for women. But this is not all –

The necklace before you is also a traditional breast masseuse. This is your personal secret, and trust me - no one will guess. When you widen the necklace around your neck, it is long enough so that the “cookie” will reach any point on your chest. The last piece of the secret is that when positioned exactly above the center of each breast, while walking and with each step, you will enjoy the empowering, pleasurable, and yet secretive and private touch of the “cookies”.

What is it made of?

This elegant Lucy necklace is made of natural stone and satin.The cookie beads on the open ends of the necklace are made of a natural Thai Turquoise stone. Turquoise is the stone of friends. Give turquoise to a friend and the bond will always be special. Turquoise is also a protection stone, especially if it has been given in friendship. It also calms the mind and the feelings.

Why is the scarf so long?

This elegant Lucy necklace is 140cm (56") long. The scarf is just long enough to provide you freedom, both when wearing it and when you massage with it. The scarf is also designed for ultimate calmness and relaxation, to provide comfort and the sensation of ease. The scarf can easily reach any point on your breasts, while wearing a bra or without it.

The pictures convey different ways of arranging the necklace on your neck, and how to bring the cookies to the most comfortable and pleasurable points. The scarf is just as long as required for your maximum enjoyment.

Does it fit wearing to work, date or party?

Of course! The Lucy necklace is designed to be a luxurious handmade jewel that emphasizes your natural beauty and loveliness. It fits both casual and professional clothing, and you can absolutely wear it during work hours, on any date – business of pleasure, and when you go out to party.

The Lucy necklace is indeed a traditional and powerful breast masseuse, but this is your very own secret – no one will guess that it is more than a luxurious and unique jewelry. 

Why is breast massage so important?

 You probably wonder if there is any specific importance for breast massage, besides the obvious enjoyment involved. The answer is as clear as possible – yes!

Discussing health – the bra is a terrible invention. The bra blocks both blood and energy flow, it restrains the chest and breasts’ natural movement, and although it looks fancy it can really harm the woman’s health. We are so used to use bras that we no longer see these obvious flaws, but the bra can cause great harm to some.

Regular breast massage can help in reducing, at times even eliminating, some of the harmful effects of the bra. Breast massage also helps diagnose and treat problematic conditions early on, and very effectively. Breast massage, when performed by your spouse, is a very healing and joyful experience. By its natural massaging it brings great relaxation to the user, and can ease tensions and create a happy mood which can lighten up every situation.

In eastern traditions, the breast is connected to the heart and to feelings. Many things hurt our feelings - bad relationship, violence or loveless sex. A good breast massage can help to connect you with your true feelings, to bring love to your chest and body, and to better listen to yourself. After breast massage, you will instantly feel better, your health will improve, and your self-esteem and sexuality will strengthen.

Thanks to its innocent design, the cookie necklace can always be with you – no matter where you go to. Get a Lucy necklace and it always will be there for you.


How do I use the breast massage?

You can easily learn to make it with our breast massage video guide.

Depends on your taste and circumstances you can do it in various ways:

  • With or without clothes
  • When you sitting, standing or lying down
  • By yourself or by your spouse’s loving hands
  • With or without massage oil
  • Using cookies or other massage gemstones - always recommended
  •  Just remember to be calm and gentle and to keep slow motion.

Start with the breast’s periphery then gradually advance toward the center. Try not to touch the nipples till the very end, if at all.


Trying the Lucy Necklace - Funny Testimonials

One of my customers, a very pretty and young woman, tried the Lucy necklace and enjoyed the touch so much that, while laughing out of sheer enjoyment, repeated:

“Now I see… instead of going crazy - breast massage …. instead of boring TV - breast massage… instead of annoying waits - breast massage… do not waste my time - breast massage … Just holding the cookies, moving them in circles and smiling… life is beautiful!”

Another young man, at his thirties, stumbled across his girlfriend’s cookies. He asked her if the jewel has some hidden usage and he got an explanation. Surprisingly, he started to use it himself - to massage his own chest! He was walking around the house with a big silly smile smeared across his face, sometimes closing his eyes and repeating: “Woman breasts and to listen to my heart – that is all I really need!”

A third woman told us that she wears the cookies-chain during foreplay and sex – “I felt so beautiful and relaxed, and they touched my nipples in the most gentle and arousing way”.

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How can the breast massage help in preventing breast cancer?

What is the right technique to increase my breast size? 

Why does it look like this?

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