Breast massage video


Here I'd like to give you a simple breast massage technique that you can use, by yourself. This technique is recommended by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners.

LSG Breast Cookies make it simple and easy to perform and their healing energy enriches the treatment. Regular practice of breast massage enchances the health and firmness of your breasts, improves their support and increases their size.


Choose a comfortable place and time. Take off the usual upper garments and bra.

Mostly breasts are massaged on bare skin, using some vegetable oil, however with LSG Breast cookies, you can do it comfortably over any thin cotton top.


Place you breast massage necklace around your neck.

Lie on your back and let your body relax.

Take few deep breaths inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

Place the breast massage Cookies on the middle of your chest and cup your palms over them.

Cupping the breast massage Cookies in your palms, run your hands up the outside of your chest and then down through your cleavage.

Try to synchronize the movement with your breath. As you run your hands over your chest, press lightly on the outer edge of the breast with the Cookies. Make 10 laps and then take a break of about a minute.


Next, switch directions, running your palms up between your cleavage and down the outside of your breasts.

Make 10 more laps before taking another break.

Cup the breast massage Cookies in your palm and rub the breast thoroughly, giving more love to the outer and lower edges.

Repeat on the both sides.

Use both hands and the breast massage Cookies to massage the outer sides of your breasts.

Apply several, moderate compressions, squeezing your breasts together from the outer edges toward your nipples.

Once your man has the Cookies in his hands they become as gentle and tender as yours.

Now both of you can enjoy the breast massage.

It benefits your bodies and souls, strengthens your relationship.

This type of breast massage reduces woman's exposure to breast cancer and surprisingly reduces man's exposure to heart attack.

Rub along the chest's center line moving from the base of the neck, between the breasts to the lower end of the sternum.

Run the massage Cookies along the gaps between the ribs.

Mild pressure in the spaces between the ribs creates a pleasant sensation of light pain and then release.


Repeat the whole massage sequence several times with a break of 1-2 minutes after each round.

Traditional Chinese Medicine recommends massaging the breasts several times a day.

Aim to enjoy an LSG Cookies Breast Massage at least twice a week.