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  • vagina weight to smile
  • vagina weight to smile
  • vagina weight to smile
  • vagina weight to smile
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This weight is 1.8oz (50gr).  It is the best weight to begin with when doing standing exercises.

Is it possible to lift weights using only your vagina?

I'm trying to explain vaginal weightlifting to my neighbor. Her name is Beatrice, she is 65.

I'm talking and she smiles, as if to say, "I've seen it all before". But I feel I still have a small chance of surprising her.

'Beatrice, did you ever try some weightlifting?' I ask.

She snorts. 'Is it like lifting a supermarket bag?'

I continue, 'Yeah, like a supermarket bag full of veggies. Try lifting it up and bringing it home using only your pelvic floor muscles. Could you do that?'

Beatrice laughs out loud. 'Do I look like I could do that? I'm wearing pants. Maybe if I was wearing a skirt. Perhaps if they were buns inside instead of veggies.' She smiles again.

She says, surprising me in turn, 'The thing is, I have a condition.'

'Well, what's the condition, Beatrice?' I ask.

She smirks. 'You take care of dogs, they know everything that's going on. Even if it's under your skirt.'

Tightrope Walker

Do you know how a tightrope walker feels? She paces carefully and confidently, 20 meters up above the people watching from the ground. She is even more excited than they are, enjoying the feeling of being in full control of her whole body. She never falls. She feels magnificent.

Now, imagine you are her. You feel the same control, confidence and excitement when you get out with your favorite jade egg and vaginal weight. A skirt or a pair of harem pants is enough to hide your secret.

Like the tightrope walker, you should try this first at home. Start with a weight of 100 grams or less. Walk slowly. Breathe peacefully, freely and deeply. I enjoy all this so much that sometimes I start singing. Once you feel 100% confident, try adding some more weight. When you go out, I suggest wearing snug-fitting cotton briefs. You are a tightrope walker and you need a safety net – just in case.

Sugar-free candy

Your new vaginal weight brings a natural sweetness and flexibility to your body. Loving women's hands have crafted it from the most feminine, traditional materials: cloth, beads, cords and clips. When you ease your egg inside, you can feel that sweetness instantly. Your body licks it like a lollipop. The weight pulls down, and your muscles come to life. There is a rising wave of vital, youthful hormones coursing through your brain. It is better than chocolate. And it is 100% sugar-free.

Do you need a help in a hard time?

Do you have to carry around a heavy backpack? Walk home with weighty supermarket bags? Do you have a physically demanding job? Do the troubles of the world lie like weights upon your shoulders?

If the answer to any of the above questions is 'yes', then I think I can help you. To free yourself from all that weight, you need a counterweight. I'm talking about a vaginal weight. The moment it's in place, you'll never want it to leave. You'll realize that this is the one weight capable of negating all the others.

I only wish that all those other weights in your life were as pleasurable as this one.

You are not alone

I once took part in a women's circle One woman told me that she attended pelvic floor physiotherapy sessions once a week. During these sessions, she contracted and relaxed her pelvic floor muscles. After each hour-long session, she went home and waited a week for the next one. "I can't do it alone," she explained, "because I don't get any feedback from my muscles."

"I have something for you," I answered. "Here is a jade egg and some weights to go with it. With the egg, you can feel your muscles. The weights keep you interested and challenged. You're right - you cannot do it alone. But you are not alone anymore." 

Worn-out pants

What do you do with a pair worn-out pants? OR What should you wear to exercise? I use my worn-out pants for vaginal weights exercises! If you have a small hole in your pants, tights or pajamas, it is extremely useful for the exercises.

A hole in my tights was always so annoying. Punched tights went straight into the garbage. But not anymore!

Even the famous vaginal weightlifting champion Tatyana Kozhevnikova uses tights or pants with holes in them. Personally, I prefer briefs. I punch the holes intentionally, and knit little flowers around them afterwards. The opening needs to be small enough to catch the egg when it falls.

I wear a wide skirt or a pair of harem pants to cover the hole. Tights are best for a sporting look. Skirts are best for a more feminine look.

A wonderful morning

She is not yet fully awake. Her eyes are opening slowly. The rising sun pierces the window and sends its warming light into the bedroom. There is a small, beautiful gift box on the chest of drawers. At first, she does not remember what it is. But then she recalls that it was something she got yesterday – something she fell in love with instantly. Inside the box there is a beautiful jade yoni egg and accompanying weight. They look playful and feminine; she longs to try them out. Imagining what it will be like, she feels a sweet, subtle squeezing sensation inside her. In fact, her body has already woken up and begun doing the exercises. She stretches, stands up, and takes out the egg and the weight. It is such a wonderful way to start a great, joyful day. 

Yeah!  It's a truly amazing morning. And now it can be yours. Just press ADD-TO-CART.



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4.4" (11cm)
50gr (1.8oz)
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    The practice itself is pleasurable, uplifting, empowering and makes me feel surprisingly light.

    Posted by Jennifer on 8th Feb 2017

    A couple of months ago I would never had guessed I would be experimenting with weightlifting. It took learning I had prolapse issues to get me interested and my research led me here. I would have had an image in my head of something extreme and bondagy but it’s not like that at all. The beauty of these silky pouches fed my curiosity and changed that image. Just looking at them puts me in a good mood. The practice itself is pleasurable, uplifting, empowering and makes me feel surprisingly light.

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