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You are a unique, special person.

Ordinary people do not buy flower-shaped stones to calm themselves. Rather, they typically eat a pint of ice cream out of a box.
You want to connect to your own body as if it (your body) is a smartphone. I mean, you can touch it too! Yes!
Imagine that you’re holding a Hot Kiss in your hand, patting your body and listening to him.
You listen to him like you listen to the radio. Sometimes it is out of range, sometimes there is no broadcasting, and, eventually, your body starts to play its own music.

Sometimes you tell yourself, "It's freezing here..."

You pick a Hot Kiss, wet it and throw it into the microwave. After one minute, you have a really Hot Kiss in your hand. Enjoy using it to kiss the hands, face, chest, legs and special places, for example, the place where he could grow a tail (which has not grown)...

You like sex (we all like sex).

But ...
Sometimes you want to paint this activity with more exciting and meaningful colors.
To do this, you have to break the rules.
You get your usually active but slightly tired boyfriend and ask him to lie down on the carpet (floor, bed, table). He complies, and you pat his whole body with Hot Kisses. You pat it and pat it until he enters a kind of meditation. There is nowhere to go, nothing to do. Nothing has to be, nothing is wrong. Everything is here. You are the one he is happy to be with. Nothing could be better...

You are cute and as sweet as honey (I know you)

But sometimes your face becomes a bit sour / tired / angry. What can you do to regain your glamorous and gorgeous self?
A cold and hot facial massage. If you have never tried one before, trust me, it's incredibly pleasant. Take two Hot Kisses. Put one in the freezer (in advance), and wet the other and put it in the microwave for a minute.
Take the HOT one and pat your whole neck and face for 2-3 minutes. Then replace the HOT Kiss with the COLD one and repeat. Do 4 rounds with changes, then lie down and relax for 5-10 minutes with your eyes closed.

You are an artist.

You put two beautiful flowers on the shelf. They are filled with tiny stones from the Mediterranean Sea and have a comfortable grip. So you can hold the flowers to lighten your mood. They look good on the shelf. With their help, you can shape your life how and when you want to.

Sometimes we sell a single Hot Kiss, and sometimes we sell a set of 2.

The set of 2 is the best for:
• A cold and hot facial massage.
• A two-hand massage of yourself or another person

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