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Hello, buddy. You know, I greet people with objects that I designed.
What do I want to give you now?
It’s like a trifle, some plain stones. It’s like you’re four and a half, and you’re sitting on the floor and building a tower out of these small stones. Well, I bring you . . .

 DIY massage kit of colorful HOT stones

1 Why not a professional one? Because not everyone can do massage, but everyone wants to get a warm touch and have fun.
2 Why colorful? To make you touch colorful. And to make you massage one’s smile colorful too.
3. Why now? Try to recall the last 12 occasions you touched your partner (spouse). You may find out that all these 12 (include sex) are the same. Tedious. A bit dull. Quickie. Some mechanical. And now . . . HOT stones.
4. Why HOT? HOT stones are more pleasurable and simpler to use and look pretty (unlike the usual grave black). These stones are designed not to burn easy like professional ones. All you need to do is follow these very simple steps:

Helpful guide to using lovely HOT stones

1. I take a bowl (like a salad one) and fill it with warm water: 2 cups of boiling and 1 cup of tap.
2. I add spices. Spices are optional, but they make things exciting, just like cooking a special meal. Just like in fairy tales . . . I spice the water with cinnamon, vanilla, and honey. Be delicious . . . Go wild with your taste, by adding chocolate, brandy, coconut milk, onion jam, and whatnot.
3. I cover with a blanket the naked person to whom I’m going to give HOT stone massage. Next to him, I place a bowl with warm water and massage oil. I put more hot water at the closest but safe distance.
4. Finally, I place all the HOT stones into the bowl. I gently apply a small amount of massage oil over my partner’s body. I pick 2 HOT stones, one on each hand, and slowly draw long lines on the bare skin (with emphasis on slowly). I firmly press the stones onto the body, as hard as my beloved one loves.
5. I flip the stones regularly to keep their touch warm. After 2–3 rounds, I return them to the bowl and pick another pair.
6. About every 15 minutes, I add a small amount of fresh hot water (with emphasis on small) into the bowl. I make sure that the water is not too hot so it would give a sense of surprisingly soft, pleasant warmth.
7. This is not a professional massage; I do not have to massage every part of the body. The best spots are the back, breasts, buttocks, belly, and genitals—the last is highly sensitive to pleasure and easily aroused .
8. I draw long, sensual lines and big, erotic circles. No rush, but just slow and delicious warming.
9. Sometimes I take a break. I put a few stones along the back and cover them with a towel (as often shown in massage ads). I place my hand on the towel covering the stone and press gently. Ecstatic moans coming from under the towel mean I’m doing well.

How does the massaged person feel?

Some people have said the following:

It must be my best birthday gift! This is my best birthday ever! I swear!
• I’m a tropical fish swimming with others in hot water of remote paradise!
• Melting pleasure becomes ecstatic pleasure becomes orgasmic faint.
• I’m 100% happy! How could I deserve such a divine pleasure? Why did I not get it before! I’ve almost spent my entire life on nonsense.
• I’m the icing on the cake. Now I’m slowly tasting my delicious surroundings.
• It is just myself—no worries, no thoughts, nobody. I love myself!

While you are waiting for you package arrive, try our special tips: how to HOT stone massage you girlfriend or boyfriend.  

Bon appétit!

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Additional Information

Stones in Set:
6 pcs
Total Weight:
12.5oz (350 gr)
Stone Size:
2in (5cm)
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