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A wonderful morning

She is not yet fully awake. Her eyes are opening slowly. The rising sun pierces the window and sends its warming light into the bedroom. There is a small, beautiful gift box on the chest of drawers. At first, she does not remember what it is. But then she recalls that it was something she got yesterday – something she fell in love with instantly. Inside the box there is a beautiful jade yoni egg and accompanying weight. They look playful and feminine; she longs to try them out. Imagining what it will be like, she feels a sweet, subtle squeezing sensation inside her. In fact, her body has already woken up and begun doing the exercises. She stretches, stands up, and takes out the egg and the weight. It is such a wonderful way to start a great, joyful day.

 Yeah!  It's a truly amazing morning.

Mia Apps

These days, most "normal" people are glued to their smartphones like a baby to its bottle. Normal people are constantly looking for new apps for their smartphones. Why do they do it? - They are hungry to know what happens there. And where is 'there'? It is in the surrounding, exterior and mostly distant world.

I'm not one of the "normal" ones. I barely know where my smartphone is. Rather, I'm hungry to explore my inner world. My jade eggs, my cookies and touchers all help me to achieve this.I long for new Mia extensions: next generation vaginal weights, walking weights, swinging weights. All of them are beautiful, smart, and helpful. All are just as good as great new app.

Do you need a help in a hard time?

Do you have to carry around a heavy backpack? Walk home with weighty supermarket bags? Do you have a physically demanding job? Do the troubles of the world lie like weights upon your shoulders?

If the answer to any of the above questions is 'yes', then I think I can help you. To free yourself from all that weight, you need a counterweight. I'm talking about a vaginal weight. The moment it's in place, you'll never want it to leave. You'll realize that this is the one weight capable of negating all the others.

I only wish that all those other weights in your life were as pleasurable as this one.

How do I feel when exercising with Mia & Co Vaginal Weights.

Sometimes, exercising with Mia, I feel like a circus tight-rope walker. She is 10 meters up in the air. She paces slowly, taking small, studious steps. There are times when she stops breathing. Tries not to be afraid. As do I.

Sometimes, exercising with Mia, I feel like I'm in a jungle. I'm walking down a city center street, when suddenly I see a cat leaping from tree to tree. Clouds stop in the middle of the sky – it lasts for a whole minute. And then everything returns to normal. As do I.

Sometimes, exercising with Mia, I feel my heart beat in a most extraordinary place…It is somewhere down there. Between my legs.

You are not alone

I once took part in a women's circle. One woman told me that she attended pelvic floor physiotherapy sessions once a week. During these sessions, she contracted and relaxed her pelvic floor muscles. After each hour-long session, she went home and waited a week for the next one. "I can't do it alone," she explained, "because I don't get any feedback from my muscles."
"I have something for you," I answered. "Here is a jade egg and some weights to go with it. With the egg, you can feel your muscles. The weights keep you interested and challenged. You're right - you cannot do it alone. But you are not alone anymore."

Are we destined for a horrible sex life?

Of course we are not. Just take the responsibility for your sex life. Sex is much too serious a matter to be left in the hands of men. They watch too much TV or even porn. You need to care for your joy, good feeling, emotions, playfulness and sexuality by yourself. You need to exercise for it. The best exercises you can get is Mia & Co Vaginal Weights Kit. It comes with all you need to start, including Kegel Exercise brochure and a luxury satin pouch. If you are already here - simple buy and try.

What do I need to start practicing with vaginal weights?

How to choose sexual fitness weights?

How does the vaginal weight improve my sexual health?

How to do kegel exercises?

How do I feel when exercising vagina weight?

Is it possible to lift weights using only your vagina?

How do Mia Apps help to explore your inner world?

 This Egg is S size (Small): 1.2" (30mm) long and 1." (25 mm) wide and weights about 65 gram. This size is  is recommended for advanced kegel exercising. It have a ring on the end of the chain. The ring allows you attaching to your egg one or more weights to achive best results in your practice. 

This Egg is made of natural White Jade. White Jade helps in concentration and clears the thoughts. It empowers all senses and let us contact with the spiritual world and our inner self. It helps us to express our love to somebody and opens all channels so that we get response. It keeps good energy close. It brings calmness, wisdom and peaceful sleep with good dreams.


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Additional Information

Egg Size:
S (Small)
Egg Gemstone:
White Jade
Egg Weight:
65 gr
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