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  • yoni egg pendant
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  • yoni egg pendant
  • yoni egg pendant


The Most Amazing Pendant Ever

Have you ever seen something as cool as this? As tantalizing as this? Something so close to both your heart and your vagina?

Now, I'm holding this strange-looking object in my hands - an egg-shaped stone with a string of beads attached to it. I'm smiling, and I’m breathing deeply. I feel like I could dance due to my overflowing happiness.

I'm asking myself: Why do things have to be this way? Why is the jewelry that we put over our heart considered respectful and appropriate? And why not the jewelry that we put in our vagina? This jewelry connects us to our feminine side, to our sexuality, and to the creative powers of the womb. Why should we hide it and keep it secret?

Why? I ask myself, again and again. And still I cannot think of a good answer. So I decide to rebel…..

I tell myself I'm going to combine the two kinds of jewelry. I'm going to connect sex and emotions. The heart and the vagina. Come on – we’re going to do it together.

Merge Sex and Emotions

I hold this strange egg close to me and murmur: You are like my baby, fresh from my vagina to lie down upon my chest, upon my heart. You are like the lover of my dreams, fresh from my vagina to fall down upon my chest, upon my heart.

Combine Health and Beauty

I'm very poetic and romantic! At the same time, I'm very handy and practical. I love useful and multifunctional things. I think it’s great when an object can be used in several different ways.

Surprisingly, the Yoni egg pendant has many possible uses:

  • The Yoni egg can be used for pelvic floor exercises and vagina tightening.
  • The pendant chain can be worn with or without the egg - or with another pendant.
  • The Yoni egg pendant is an original, sexy and stunning piece of jewelry. It will make you stand out from the crowd at any party or event.
  • The Yoni egg pendant is a wonderful addition to your existing jewelry collection. It brings with it a new, fresh spirit of peaceful and self-confident sexuality.


Join Yourself

You new pendant is uniquely designed to fit both your heart and your vagina. When you are ready to insert the egg, it can be easily detached from the necklace.

The egg is size S (Small): 1.4" (35mm) long and 1" (25 mm) wide.. This is a small Egg which is recommended for advanced Kegel exercising, when your muscles are strong and you are able to fully control them.


This egg is made of a natural Flower Jasper gemstone. The Flower Jasper grounds your mental energies. It can focus your thinking so you can deal with any problem. The Flower Jasper continuously brings you into balance.  


Unlike other objects, your Yoni egg never gets lost inside you. Its strong, built-in chain allows you to extract it safely. It is 100% hygienic and easy to clean with running water and soap. Soak it in a glass of your favorite whiskey or medical alcohol to get it ready for the next great party.


Beyond Right and Wrong

We have all asked ourselves, thousands of times: Is it right or wrong to do this? Is it appropriate? What will other people say?  And so what! I invite you to throw all of these questions away. I agree that wearing such a piece of jewelry requires a certain amount of courage. And I am confident that you have enough of it!


Welcome to a United World

Imagine the Yoni egg as sometimes inside – within your vagina – and sometimes outside – on your heart. The egg peacefully connects your inner and outer worlds. Like this, they are as one: a beautiful, united world of love, desire and tranquility. It’s going to be so good…It’s coming true, right now……Your new Yoni egg pendant is almost on its way to you. To let it come, press

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Additional Information

Egg Size:
S (Small)
Egg Gemstone:
Flower Jasper
Chain Length:
12 cm
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