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Hello Miss,

Imagine your handsome, smart and spectacular lover with a bell that he wears on himself. Do you think that it is impossible? Yes, it is. Love makes impossible things possible! You say: He cannot come to the office with the bell on his neck. Are you are kidding? We are women, the clothes are our faithful servants, as men should be. We are going to play the scene like this:

• Oh, darling, you look so great with this tie on you. (Sure, you bought it for his birthday!). Look, I have a matching gift for you! It is fashionable, modern and sexy.
• It looks like a tiny bell, honey. What is it for?
• I’m sure you will love it. It is the latest in men’s fashion! The Love Bell.
• Love Bell? Sounds good, honey (smiling). You are looking great today. (Now he’s paying attention!) But where do I wear it?
• I will put it on you myself! After all, it is my gift. Can you take your pants off for a moment? Or let’s wait for this evening. I remember you talked about an urgent meeting this morning.
• NO, no! It is absolutely nothing. The meeting can wait. I don’t want to think about it. Look, my pants are already off. What’s next?
• Oh, you are so attractive! (He really is.) Now, I put the bell on you, here behind your staff. So sexy and masculine! It’s a bit medieval. Do not move—otherwise, it is going to ring… Oh, you are kissing me...You are sure to be late...You do not care…I love you!
• I love you so much, honey! We must do a sound check. Yes, this way, my sweetie. Ding-dong, ring-ding, ding, ring, ring, ring...
• You are mine! (You can say it again and again—he truly is!)

Believe me, it works, if not forever, then for decades. Of course, from time to time, you need to repair the bell (we do it for free!) or buy a new one (you get a discount). Fashions are changing, but your witchcraft is retained by the Power of Love.

I think you better choose one for him right now. The first lady has to be first in magic too. Who knows what may happen till his birthday or Valentine’s Day? We sell many of them daily. We insist that your beloved one get his Love Bell from you.

They are one size, so just pick the color and design. Of course, you can try the sound. There is the authentic recording just below the text. Do you love the sound? Yes? Great! Complete your purchase and then keep the secret. We do our best to deliver quickly. When it arrives, you already know what to do.

Hello Sir,

The Love Bell is the best musical instrument you will ever play. There is nothing that compares to its joy.

A Love Bell is a bell that rings when you make love. How do you play it? It is very simple: Just as you use your fingers to play a piano or your lips to play the trumpet, you use your pelvis to perform the Love Bell, which is why you hang it on your waist. I'm kidding, of course; there is no hook on your waist. You hang it under your balls. I think it is perfect, especially when all that stuff hangs together. Of course, you need guidance in the beginning.

Open you package. Take the bell and check the sound. Then open wide the necklace of the bell and put it gently in its place. It is intended to sit close to your body, just behind the balls. Now pull it tighter—but not too tight. Try to move your pelvis back and forth. Is it ringing? Fine. Try to keep the pace. After a few repetitions, you are ready to put on a show, play a duet or with a band. I guarantee that each member of the band has a lot of fun.

I have to tell you that the Love Bell may dramatically change your lifestyle.

First, the bell prolongs your durability. You do not have to do anything—just listen to it, keep the pace, and imagine that this music will never stop. We have numerous reports regarding unbelievable long opuses for the Love Bell.

Second, when the bell hangs forward, it touches your partner. Depending on position, it usually touches the most sensitive and pleasurable point that is difficult to reach with your hand. That rhythmic touch inspires your partner to be heavenly vocal.

Third, your partner may love all this music very much. Subsequently, you need only ring the bell once and your partner appears in the bedroom.

Now you are ready to order. Enjoy picking the best model to make love with.

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