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  • breast massage necklace
  • breast massage necklace
  • breast massage necklace
  • breast massage necklace
  • breast massage necklace


This beautiful, precious necklace is actually a medical Qigong tool. It is hard to believe, but easy to understand: The necklace is a traditional breast massager. Performing traditional breast massage several time a day, you focus your awareness to you breast.

My Qigong teacher said: "Where the Mind goes, the Qi flows". Qi is pronounced “chee” and means the life force or vital energy that flows through all things in the universe. Qi follows your mind, and profound waves of vitality flow through your breasts, increasing metabolism and activating protective cells inside. Your heart opens, your hormone levels rise, and you feel younger, healthier, and more attractive. And so do your breasts. In such vibrant, flowing, and mindful mood, your body immediately exterminates any unhealthy cells. The light drives out the darkness—simple as that.

How many times do you touch your breast during the day?  I’m afraid that the answer is between “just a little” and “almost never.” This is the problem. Your precious breasts are out of sight, out of mind. No mind means no qi. No qi means no health—sometimes, no life. But your new necklace rescues you.

On the ends sit large, heavy cookies. These cookies are going to touch your breasts while walking and sitting, with every step and movement. Their touch is empowering, pleasurable, yet secret and private. They are the most important reminders in your tight schedule to stay alive, and listen to your heart and breasts. Touch them, rearranging the necklace—no one will notice this lifesaving exercise.

What is it made of? - Natural stone and glass beads. The cookie beads at the open ends of the necklace are made of a natural Jasper Flower gemstone. The Jasper Flower grounds your mental energies. It can focus your thinking so you can deal with any problem. The Jasper Flower slowly brings you into balance. These are all added value to the natural massage and sensation of relaxation that the necklace invokes.

How long is it? - It’s 113 cm. (45 in.) long, and the cookie is 5 cm. (2 in.) wide. It is long enough to provide you freedom, both when wearing it and when you massage with it. It easily reaches any point on your breasts.

Why does it have two cookies? - Because you have two breasts that equally deserve your love.

Lisa Shelly Gabriel, when do you usually massage your breasts? - In the supermarket.
It is the perfect place—quiet and spacious. Everybody concentrates on the shelves, noticing nothing around. A wholesome, healthy breast massage perfectly goes with buying wholesome, healthy food.

Is it versatile enough to wear to work, a date, or a party? - Sure!
It fits every style: casual, business, and hippy. Most certainly, you can leave your necklace on.

Why are breast massages so important? –They minimize damage from your bra!
When we discuss health, we find that the bra is a terrible invention. Bras block both blood and energy flow, restraining the chest’s and breasts’ natural movement. They may look fancy sometimes—but they are harmful to women’s health.

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Breast massages are traditional Qigong therapy.

Breast massages lessen some of the harmful effects of the bra.

Breast massages help reveal and treat problematic conditions early.

Breast massages, when performed by your spouse,  are highly pleasurable.

Breast massages open your heart and relax your body – buy and try!

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