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  • babydoll glamour robe


Sex Shop

Seller: Can I help you? These are special sexy clothes. They are made of black rubber and are designed—
I: For diving? For work in a chemical plant?
Seller: Not exactly [smiling].We are a sex shop. Men like the black color and tough texture. When you wear this garment, every man will instantly want you. You will have an image of a “bad” girl, you know.
I: But I’m a good girl.
Seller: OK, then I suggest you wear a white fishnet . . .
I: It looks slutty and makes any touch unpleasant. It’s not comfortable.
Seller: True. Sex is a simple action. Actually, there is no need to touch you. Well, maybe just one certain part . . . And the rest of your body can be covered by a synthetic fishnet. It makes your look particularly enticing.
I: And why should I make such an impression? I do not count quickie as a good sex.
Seller: Well, then go to a lingerie store. They have pajamas with bears and strawberries. I recommend you pick the ugliest one.

Lingerie Store

I: Do you have a nightgown that is inviting to touch?

Seller: This garment will be great. You may find it . . . mmm . . . [laughs sheepishly] provocative at night.
I: Who does it provoke?
Seller:[smiling] Obviously, your man. Fast erection is guaranteed.
I: And why would I want that? Fast erection, excessive activity. He will skip the foreplay.

Seller: You’re right. But sex is not for you, my dear. It is for him . . .
I: You think? I’m looking for a garment that makes sex better for me. I’m looking for a “woman-oriented” sexy garment.
Seller: If you want a five-star touch before sex, you should consult a masseur. You know, we sell lingerie that looks good. It is not intended to be touched. I mean, it is not pleasant to be touched at all.
I: Thanks!


I am lying on a massage table covered with a large white sheet. The masseur’s hands gently rest on my back.
I: Sorry, What is the purpose of the sheet that covers me?
Masseur: The sheet comforts you and allows you to relax.
I am not massaging you yet. I am just preparing you for massage. 
I: You know, I need preparations before sex too. I need time to feel comfortable. I need some gentle touch. But using a sheet does not fit that occasion.

Masseur: You’re right. But I’m not a sex counselor. You better ask a sex counselor for recommendations.

Sex Counselor

Sex counselor: It takes about twenty minutes for a woman to enter a state of sexual arousal. She should be given the time to relax, be comfortable, and rise her energy. During this time, a man should give her a gentle touch.

I: But it does not happen a lot. Most times a man and a woman have sex based on the man’s needs, on what is pleasant to him and with clothes that arouse him.

Sex counselor: That’s right. They just need to take some lessons with me.
I: Sometimes it is not possible. I'm looking for a special women outfit that is comfortable for sex. Have you ever seen something like that?
Sex counselor: No. I think you should design such an outfit. 

Fashion Studio

Designer: What do you want to design?
I: Do you remember the little black dress of Chanel? It’s a simple black dress that can be both pretty and multi-functional. I want to make something similar in the field of sex clothing. I found sex shop items unacceptable. Sexy lingerie is the same. 
Designer: OK, let’s get started. 
Designer:[a few months later] You show me a piece of red fabric with a hole in the middle of it. You are breaking all the rules.
I: Yes. People used to think that sex clothes look like  briefs and bras, and suddenly it is just a robe. But it’s so womanly . . . It is also a gown or toga. And after a night of good sex, a woman can wear it as a top over her casual clothes. And it is unisex!
Designer: What can a man do with it? Wrap it around his waist?
I: Yes, for instance. That is one option. Otherwise he can wear it as an opened robe.
Designer: OK. I do not approve it. But I am giving you my blessing . . . Try it at home. What could be better?

Hotel Room

It is my birthday. I’m on the hotel’s king-size bed, pleasantly covered by the Wild Robe and smiling.

Above me, like a dolphin, is the moving body of my beloved husband. He is smiling as well. The Wild Robe is an amazing toy. I can use it to cover my eyes. I can wear it in countless ways. Sex under the Wild Robe is not boring anymore. It is fantastic!

Street Walk

Woman on the street: Your top is very nice! Where did you buy it?
I: I sewed it myself. Do you want to smell it?
Woman: Why would I want that?
I: It smells like a good sex.
Woman: Wow! I feel like I joined it! Do you smell it every five minutes?
I: Kind of . . . This garment was scarf, top, and robe that my husband wore during our last one. He was naked under it. He looked like a musketeer. The point is that you can take the Wild Robe with you to any place. Then you feel like the sex is not over. It is going on and going with you.
Woman: That’s how I want it to be. Sit in the office, for example, flipping through e-mails, then close my eyes and smell the Wild Robe. Nothing prohibits smelling a scarf at work. Nobody cares, you know?

I enjoyed designing and using this item. I hope you will love it. Sometimes I sell a single Wild Robe and sometimes a set of two: one for you and one for your man. It is what I wish for him to wear at night. During daytime, his one may surprisingly be yours. This item includes single Wild Robe


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