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 Vaginal weight TO-PRACTICE

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I know of nothing simpler than this standing exercise. It can be fully explained in just seven words: standup, let in and keep on . Now, at last, you can get started. But first, I'd like to let you in on a secret: the experience will be much better if you warm the egg up in your hands before you start.

Hold the jade egg in your palms, and while it's warming up I'll give you few more tips.

Stand Up straight with your legs apart in the so-called horse riding stance. Then look at the floor between your feet. Now, you can see the very point where your egg is going to land. If the floor is carpeted, turn the egg over in you palm and proceed to the next step. Otherwise, find a pillow or a rug to ensure the safety of your egg when you release it.

Let In your egg only after both you and it are fully warmed up. As before, warm the jade egg in your hands, on your chest or against your belly. Warm yourself up with a light massage of your body, hips, belly and breasts. Inner smile exercise, breast massage or ovarian massage is very highly recommended. 

Keep On catching the egg once it is safely inside. Use the heaviest vaginal weight that you can manage. When you feel the egg fixed firmly in place, use your muscles to release it slowly…till you hear the egg hit the rug. Is it still inside you? Don't worry, just relax. Take a deep breath. Still it does not fall? It happens. Your egg feels so good there. It refuses to fall out. Smile, and calmly add another weight. Or simply pull the chain.

Are you still holding the egg? Move it to your other hand. Do you feel its heat? I don't want to bother you any more – it might take away your feeling of warmth. Put the screen aside and jump in…

Using Vaginal weight TO-GO

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Do you know how a tightrope walker feels? She paces carefully and confidently, 20 meters above the people watching her below. She is even more excited than they are, enjoying the sensation of her body being in full control. She never falls. She feels magnificent.

Now, imagine you are her. You feel that same control, confidence and excitement when you step out with your favorite jade egg and vaginal weight. A skirt or a pair of harem pants is enough to hide your secret.

Like the tightrope walker, you should try this first at home. Start with a weight of 100 grams or less. Prepare as for the standing exercise. Walk slowly. Breathe peacefully, freely and deeply. I enjoy all this so much that sometimes I start singing. Once you feel 100% confident, try adding some more weight. When you go out, I suggest wearing snug-fitting cotton briefs. You are a tightrope walker and you need a safety net – just in case.

Using Vaginal weight TO-SMILE

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Vaginal weight exercising is often called weightlifting. Even if that term is correct it sounds to me like something tough and heavy.

 I have a different view, that’s why I have made different weights – Weights-To-Smile. Look at them.

They are just toys, girls' toys like dolls, pieces of cloth and small accessories. Let's play with them, touch and move, smile and laugh. It is not about weight lifting, it's about enjoying a playful workout. Join me to play mix and match with our jade eggs and weights.

I take great pleasure in pairing this with that. Then pick another stone, but with longer weights. Then come back to the first one but try green beads. Gradually, we collect so many in our cart. We are looking inside with a big smile and then you pick the most beautiful items to order.

Now I feel 100% woman and I’m shopping for the most feminine items in the most womanly way. When you get your new toys home, it’s so natural to start playing with them. We have this marvelous feminine body with hands and palms and breasts and vagina. Surprisingly your new egg, weight and necklace will bring a smile to them all.

Using Vaginal weight TO-SWING

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Sure, you can just climb onto a park swing with your vaginal weight. It's an unforgettable experience, but perhaps too challenging for some. Instead, you can choose a long-neck weight and swing it back and forward with your pelvis. Breath, sigh, dance, fly away… Sometimes the weight flies away as well. But never mind, it's just a game.

Using Vaginal weight TO-DANCE

lsg vaginal fitness weights

I always dreamed of having a tail.

How come Na'vi from Avatar have tails, but we do not? Neither women nor men have tails. Actually men have something a bit like it – not exactly the same, but something similar. We women have nothing like that. I, for one, have never to come terms with not having one, so I created one myself. And more than just one.

I'm happy to share my tail options with you!

Look, these are vaginal weight bells. There are the best for belly dancing. Belly dancing is fun, pleasurable and healthy, the bell tail makes dancing juicier. It swings and rings together with the belly dancer's other bells and earrings. You can hear it and you can feel it. Happy rattling! Another option is the quiet swinging tail.

The best thing you can wear under your skirt. It is just there, secretly offering you the genuine perception of having a tail, strengthening your muscles, giving you vitality and a great mood. Look, we, women can choose our tail, change and match it to our mood, clothes and style. We never worry about its size. Really, we are the stronger sex.

lsg vaginal fitness weights