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This model is a soft hair-tail about 15" (38cm) in length. The beautiful wristband keeps it effortlessly in your hand. You drag it slowly over the body in a kind of dance. Long soft hair touches soft bare skin, to the rhythms of the music or your breathing. This magical sensation comes to you unchanged from the days Romeo and Juliet. 

It is made of high quality artificial hair. The handle handmade glazed ceramic with the wristband decorated with wood beads. 

50 shades of color

Many are excited by gray, but I prefer bright colors. Why is this?
There is a large community who are into exploring the relationship between sex and pain. Their shades of gray have been well known for centuries.
But I am into all the other colors! 50 shades of pink, 1001 grades of turquoise, 69 meanings of sweet, and 101 sparks of juicy!
Just like in Grey's playroom, I make special tools of joy designed for passion and desire – but in a pleasurable way. If you have a moment, take a look at my Ticklers or Finger Fun collections. But before you do that, pay a visit to my Tails room. Here, you will find a wide range of tails. Each has its own unique touch, look and feel. I make them out of traditional vintage materials including fabric, hair, and leather with ceramic and beads.
Each of them is an original work of art, both in appearance and in feel.


Nice to meet you. I'm your new tail. I’m a smart one – you can wear me on your wrist as a bracelet. I can crawl like a snake, fly like a hawk, or jump like a tiger.
Till now, you’ve lived quite a normal life without me. A life of fast food, fast sex, an ordinary job. A world where no news was good news. So I guess you’re looking for something more than this bland, subsistence lifestyle? And here I am – your new tail. I’m real, colorful, bold and even cheeky.
Imagine you are meeting the most desirable girl you can imagine. You are highly attracted to her. But you cannot talk to her directly about it. No way.
This is where I can help! You could say, for instance: “Look at this amazing thing I bought recently. A hand-crafted massage tool.” You might add: “Have you heard some of the things being written about it? Let me give an example: ‘The LSG Touch healing tail has an ingenious, magical, relaxing effect on your body. It spreads right through you like a sweet, slow wave of pleasure. Close your eyes, and you can see thousands of translucent fairies falling from the sky. They descend upon your body, kissing each and every part of it. Thousands of kisses, streaming down on you, like raindrops full of love. Your heart opens, and you feel yourself sweet like a fresh mango juice. As rich as if you found an unlimited platinum card in your purse.’”
Nobody can resist this speech. A few hours later, we are going to meet her privately. We means you and me – of course – the LSG tail. I'm recommended to start with, just according to my leaflet. And we are going to have some of the most seductive, passionate and sophisticated sex imaginable. Casanova style.


Imagine this: you look great, as usual. Better than ever. You’re in a playful mood – it happens. Your beloved partner is nearby; he looks and smells great too. Now you need to do something to get his full attention. Something soft, tempting and playful…You are looking for an idea: Ask him about my dress? That’s boring. Ask him about my hair? Too complicated for him. Just turn the TV off? Too offensive. Rattle my tail? I don’t have a tail… Wait! Yes, I do! Here it is – my brand new tail. Long hair, with a beautiful ceramic handle and a beaded wristband. The sexy one. All I need is attaching it to my buttocks or knickers or gently stroking with it his neck.
When you do, I promise you this: the sport channels will be the last of his concerns! The TV is about to experience instant blackout. From now on, he is yours!
And as for you? A tail means freedom. Forget about the rules. Leave your worries at the door. Be true to your unique, original self. There are times when I play with my tail during sex and I don’t know what I'm going to do. I surprise myself. I surprise him, too. I connect the tail to all sorts of his and my body parts and places. I discover a new one every time.
You are about to discover a whole new world of sensation. Untouched places. Un-fondled landmarks. It’s not a serious journey. You don’t have to discover America. Just be what you are, and feel happy about it. With or without a tail ... Although with the tail, you’ll surely to love yourself a little more!

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