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Serving suggestion: Slow feather tickling served on the uncovered body with small gentle kisses


You need a professional tool

Many people have a good collection of kitchen tools at home. But a much narrower, nobler group of people, like Christian Grey, have a collection of touching and loving tools in the playroom.

The feather is one of the "must-haves." The "feather touch" has been long known for its unbearable combination of softness, flexibility, and precision.

You know it’s an item for someone who truly understands and recognizes the value of real pleasure. You see, if the meal of your dreams is reheated noodles, you do not need a precise sushi Masahiro knife. But if you’re going to cook a once-a-lifetime gourmet dinner for you and your lover, you need the right place with the right tools and ingredients.

This beautiful tickler is about 7.2" (18 cm) long. It’s made of natural tropical bird feathers with a handmade, hand-painted stoneware handle.


It shouldn’t be just plain pleasant

We’re sure that both of you deserve more—a deep, unforgettable, spiritual, and sensual experience. Just give your full attention to your partner. Stay connected and proceed slowly. We mean three times slower than caressing your smartphone. Now you’re at the right speed. This way, you can give your partner a full range of feelings and sensations: from tears to laughter, from daydreaming to crazy moaning. The best thing is that it’s unpredictable, always releasing, and highly pleasurable.

Special dessert served with its special spoon

If you’re serving an entree, you’ll want your guests to be impressed by both the taste and presentation of your gourmet food. To ensure this, it should be both beautiful and delicious.

Yes, we know that you can tickle your partner with just your fingertips. Sometimes, it is the best—but we’re talking about a different style. You want to be fancy, romantic, and colorful, like a dancing tropical bird. So you need feathers? Right! And here they are. We carefully collect them to make the perfect composition of colors and shapes. We assemble them and create a fitting and beautiful handle. Just place the order and we’ll put it in your hand.


Tips for best performance

Start to stroke gently from the cheeks to the toes in a single motion. Be silent to make the sensory play feel more intimate and exciting.

Continue to caress the skin, putting your full attention to teasing the flesh. Observe carefully as the plume of feathers leaves a trail of goosebumps along its way, increasing sensitivity and excitement.

Let the pleasure build at an achingly slow pace as you enjoy the sensual touch of the soft feathers teasing and tickling your skin.

Try to find the longest path to the most sensitive and stimulating sites. Not one inch of your lover’s body may be left unattended.



She says . . .

It was very nice and unusual. I was surprised how many different sensations the feather can create, depending on speed, pressure, and body part. We both tried it with the tickle-ee being blindfolded or not. It makes a great difference.

He says . . .

For years, I thought that a woman’s body actually had only one stimulating part. Using the feather, to my surprise, I saw that there are many more great places on my wife’s body. I feel like Columbus when he discovered America. Now I’m going to thoroughly explore all of those wonderful new landscapes.



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