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  • spouse binding amulet
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This set includes Men waist Amulet and  Women Yoni Egg of fitting design. 

The amulet is made of handmade Terracotta combined with colorful beads. It aimed to strength and secure your relationship.

Yoni Egg is L (Large) size: 2" (50mm) long l and 1.4" (35 mm) wide and weighs about 100 gram. It is the classic Egg size, approved by ages of ancient China Chinese Tao tradition. It is recommended for starter level Kegel exercises. Yoni Egg is made of a natural Green Quartz. Many traditions use green quartz for luck, prosperity, hope and even wealth. Green quartz is also thought to play a role in decision making and leadership by bringing empathy and compassion.

Are we destined to the terrible sex life?

We women do everything we can to improve our sex lives! You don’t agree? All right, I’ll prove it!
Have you ever seen a man buying scented candles or bath bombs? But we do it all the time!
We also buy nightwear that creates an erotic mood. We decorate the bedroom space with sheets, pillows and curtains, lamps and candles. We gives up our headaches about sex. We strengthen our pelvic floors, vaginas, and orgasms using Yoni eggs and vaginal weights.
And we do 101 other things for exactly the same reason! Nevertheless, the result is hardly satisfying.


Thinking about sex every minute

They – the men – go on and on about how they think about sex every few minutes. And it’s probably true. But when it comes to sex, the problem is not the quantity – it’s the quality. May be, we women think about sex less frequently, but it involves our feelings, our soul and our intuition.
It feels like our huge investments in good sex are wasted by our ignorant, sometimes unconscious partners. So what can we do about all this? Anything? Yes! Of course we can! Having chosen the right partner, we need to tame him and get him to think about sex differently.
And we are going to do all this the same witchy way we do many other things.


Do it the usual witchy way

A touch of magic needed to create this beautiful amulet. Look at this beautiful, female-designed amulet. With your love, it will transform his thoughts about sex. Gradually changing him, it will provide a profound mental cure for his "too fast" and "too silent" attitudes and the other typical conditions that come with being a man. The amulet will remind him of you and your love ten times a day. The amulet works via subtle touching that takes place beneath the belt. It constantly reminds him of you and the love that you share. It opens his heart and connects his great sexual energy to the vast love and compassion that he feels inside.


Trust your beauty and  love

The amulet is made of handmade Terracotta combined with colorful beads. It strength and secured your relationship. It aims the energy of your sexual and emotional union to creation deep eternal spiritual bonds. I tune each amulet energetically, aiming its gemstone, shape and symbols at the same body-mind target. I welcome you to describe your personal wishes to me in the “Remarks” section of the order. I will lock your words in my heart and recall them during the initiation ceremony, inviting the four elements of Existence to join their powers for the sake of your Love. All you need to do is have your man wear the amulet and tell him that it will improve your sex. With the help of your words, beauty and love, the amulet will do its best.


Men don’t wear amulets, are you sure?

Yes, I know. Men never wear amulets; they just have watches and cars. This mostly happens because the big boys are shy. I take it into account. To overcome it, he will place his new amulet where nobody can see it. It will be near the parts of his body that nobody else can see and that you wouldn’t want anybody but you to see.You guessed right, the amulet attaches to his briefs, exactly as the pictures show. Your beloved can wear whatever he likes over it: any suit, pants or jeans. 

The amulet works with subtle, fine touches under the belt. It constantly reminds him of you, makes him recall his feelings of love. It opens his heart and connects his inexhaustible, masculine sexual energy to the love and compassion of his big heart. Rest assured that no man can refuse to attach something sexual to his underwear at the request of a beautiful, charming, attractive woman like you.


Excited Man meets Sexy woman

Your Yoni egg uses your emotional energy to warm up your sexuality. The amulet uses his sexuality to ignite and release his emotions. Together, your feminine and masculine energies reunite and explode in a blinding eruption of passionate love.  You deserve this heavenly experience – there’s no reason to hold back. So trust your feminine intuition and pick one that feels the best for you and him.


Heart, Head and Hand made.

We only create with love from our hearts! We only use premium quality, natural materials - from all around the world. We use natural crystal gemstones, handmade glass, high-tech super-strong strings and premium handmade pottery clay.

By combining thinking, research and design, we have been able to produce this beautiful, smart, handy item. It is handmade and from our hearts we charge the items with warm, healing energy, personally for you. No artificial, dyed of synthetic stones. No plastics, phthalates, silicon, glue or tints.

Every item has its natural, unique look and feel

Since we use genuine natural gemstones, every Mia Egg has its unique color and pattern that may be slightly different from the one presented in the picture. Every item is unique, special, and with its own character, which makes your item – your very personal and intimate item.


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Additional Information

Amulet media:
Handmade Terracotta
Amulet Size:
4.4in x 1.2in (11cm x 3cm)
Egg Size:
L (Large) size
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