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  • tantra magic amulet
  • tantra magic amulet
  • tantra magic amulet
  • tantra magic amulet
  • tantra magic amulet
  • tantra magic amulet


Sex Magic

Sex and magic have always been connected. Exciting sex is a kind of magic; helping others through magic is exciting, like sex.  In fact, I learned both of these together at Holistic Tao Sexuality Counseling  and Tantric Sexual Magic.  There were exciting lectures and experiments such as astral quests, sexual energy transformations, and sacred ceremonies. I was also trained in making magic amulets and rituals. Through practicing magic, I introduced amazing things into my everyday work.

Hidden in the Bra

It was a routine lesson with one of my female Tantra students. We were about to perform a disrobing ceremony. This is a very beautiful and important ritual, where the participants gradually remove their clothes along with any preconceptions, prejudices, and other mental junk. The ritual proceeded as usual, up until the time came to remove her bra, when to my surprise a beautiful piece of jade fell out. I wondered why it was there; but I could not stop the sacred ritual, which continued without further distraction.

Top Secret Stone-wear 

At the end of the lesson, we put our clothes on, saying, "I'm wrapping myself in happiness". Then I asked her, “What was that stone in your bra? Lisa.” She answered, “Sometimes I feel that I need some secret, powerful protection and support. I brought this stone from India, and when I'm having a hard day at the office, or if there’s an important meeting, or even a date, then I put it in my bra. I can feel it there, near to my heart. I know that it helps and that it empowers me. Nobody can see or know about it. It is my top secret stone-wear.”

Safe Like a Baby

At that moment, I realized every woman needs a thing like this. And I could improve upon it.  I could make a special feminine amulet, using all the knowledge and the powers that I had received from my teachers. Just imagine it in your hands. Sense its energy, then wear it in your bra. Its protective powers shield you. Your fears and anxiety are gone. You feel more confident and more powerful. Your secret, faithful amulet is always there for you. You can even touch it when you need more of its power. It affixes stylishly to your bra strap and it never gets lost.

A Matter of Mutual Choice

Were you to ask me, “Which one should I choose?”, then my answer would be simply that the moment the picture appears; your feminine intuition will let you know. You choose the one that looks at you, that speaks to  you . That is it. Your amulet watches, protects and supports you. Just follow your heart.

Buy the Perfect Gift

Think about your beloved. Remember how she looks; her movements and expressions. Which amulet suits her best? Which of them deserves to be her bodyguard? Now check its traits: 

ENCHANTED GARDEN Amulet is made of a handmade enamel terracotta . Terracotta brings you deep spiritual, but tangible connection to elements of Earth and Fire. There is enchanted garden fantasy image on the front side. The amulet is 1.4"(35mm) wide and 6"(15cm) long. It weights 12 gram. You also get FREE Luxury Silk Pouch to store this amulet when you wear another one. 

Be my Master

I, ENCHANTED GARDEN Amulet vow to serve you my Master faithfully and impeccably. I vow to treasure and to engage the Magic Powers and the Healing Energy that bestowed me. I vow to protect you, to support you, and above all to love you, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. I vow to listen to you. To wipe away your tears and to laugh with you at all times. I love you as if I am a part of you.  As a sign that you accept my vow, please, my Master, press the Add-To-Cart button. I am on my way to you.

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6" (15cm)
1.4 (3.5cm)
12 gram
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