Using vagina weight

What do I need to start practicing with vaginal weights?


First of all you need a sexual fitness egg. It looks very similar to the regular Mia Yoni egg, but it has a ring on the end of the chain. The ring is crucial for your practice. It allows you to easily attach one or more weights to your egg.

Now that you have an egg, you need some weight(s). Certain sources suggest using household object as weights. They talk about bags of sugar, salt, vegetables etc. Sure, you can try to hook a cucumber to the egg and later add a bag of sugar. However, your exercise will advance better using a carefully designed and rigorously tested vagina weight set. The benefit of buying a weight set is that you can increase the weight gradually, and this is why I recommend it.

Finally, I recommend you use our special exercise panties during vagina weight training. During exercise, the jade egg is in your vagina and the weight or weights hang down from the egg chain. The exercise panties are designed with a special hole for the egg chain. Imagine if you were to hang too much weight and could not hold it, well then the panties work like a safety net preventing the egg and the weight falling down when your muscles relax.

How to choose a sexual fitness egg?


At first glance, a sexual fitness egg seems nothing special. The same could be said of a pair of exclusively handmade shoes. It’s only when you slip the shoes on you become aware of the full extent of the difference.

Our sexual fitness egg has numerous features that support and promote your practice:

• The ring on the end of the chain allows you to easily attach any number of weights

• A shorter chain allows better control of the weight's position and it keeps the vagina weight closer to your pelvis

• Larger beads add rigidness to help you to slip the egg in.

You should be able to find your ultimate sexual fitness egg here. If there’s one you love, but you want to tweak it in some way, not a problem! Just write me an email explaining the changes you would like me to make – and I’ll make it at no extra fee!

What is the right egg size for me?


To start with the vagina weight - take M (Medium) size To advance your practice - take S (Small) size

To become a sexual fitness goddess - order yourself a custom XS (eXtra Small) model at no extra cost - the custom model's price is just the same.

To be sure you have all you need – take a set of M (Medium) and S (Small) and ensure that they have the rings.

To make a gift for your beloved: select a set of egg and weights and pick out the gift wrapping that you love.

How to choose sexual fitness weights?


To start using vagina weights - choose weights for Beginners

To advance your practice – choose from weights-to-practice

Enjoy a daily walk? – enjoy it even more with weight for motion

Like all you need in one box - buy instant ready kit

To be a weightlifting genius - try Vagenius!

Sexual empowering gift – order a gift-wrapped GEISHA set

What is the vagina weightlifting record?

Tatyana Kozevnikova holds the Guinness World Record for "vagina weightlifting", she can pick up an incredible 14kg kettlebell.

Obviously, you should not start with this kind of weight, it would most certainly be dangerous to your health! Start with our  Beginners gear and listen to what your body tells you.

Is it possible to exercise with a 700-gram weight? I read about it Mantak Chia's book.


Most healthy women can easily develop their pelvic floor muscles to the required strength. I recommend using the 700-gram weight for holding exercises - it is easier to hold the weight with no movement.

For the swinging and walking exercises, your starting weight should be much less.

Why are your weights much heavier than medical vaginal cones? The medical cones are typically weight between 20 and 50 grams?

lsg touch

My weights are designed for healthy women to keep pelvic floor muscles in constant good shape. Medical vaginal cones are designed for women with mild pelvic muscle weakness, often accompanied by severe incontinence.

Regularly exercising with a jade egg and weight help to protect you from the condition that the medical vaginal cones try to relieve.

What about men? Is sexual fitness just for women?

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There are obvious anatomic differences between women and men. That is why the tools and the exercises are different.

Men can do a lot to improve their sexual fitness.

We’re excited to report we are currently working on a new product line for men and we will be launching it shortly.

How does the vaginal weight improve my sexual health?


Vagina weight improve the functioning of the pelvic floor muscles, but not only that! The exercises strengthen postural muscles and improve blood circulation in the whole pelvic area.

There will be an increase in your vaginal wall sensitivity and an intensification of your orgasm. Trained muscles allow you to cuddle your partner inside in the most affectionate way. It brings you good health and a greater sex life.

What is special about our vaginal weights?


We have the widest range of weights in one place. It spans from medical 0.7oz (20 gr) up to vagina Kung-Fu tools of almost 30oz (840 gr)

• We offer several weights as a set. You can use any number of them simultaneously to find the right weight for you. It ensures that your practice progresses smoothly

• Our weights are shaped like candy, because they are sweet. They encourage play and are handmade from most feminine materials

• They really are handmade. Contact me for a custom order – for the same price!

• We now offer a new unique series of weights for walking, swinging and dancing exercises.

Is it true that exercising at the gym replaces vaginal weight work?


No, it’s not true. I go to the gym twice a week and I watch the trainers seemingly work on each and every group of muscles in the body: arms, legs, upper and lower back, stomach etc.

Surprisingly, the two groups that are most important for women receive no focus. Why and what two groups of muscles I hear you ask.

I’ll give you both answers. Why? – Because the gym was originally set up for men by men.

Which muscles? – Pelvic floor and face! Typically, a trainer should be doing a lot of work on both these places, but he does not care. We are women and we do care, like we do about many other important life issues.

Is the weight useful without the egg?


Yes, absolutely. Let me tell you a short story. One day I had a stand in a mall and I was selling my pieces there. A woman came up to me and said: "Do not tell what it is good for. It is beautiful and feminine. I can feel its healing energy flairs. That is enough. Give me one of each.”

My vagina weight brings you its healing powers anyway. Keep it as an amulet, key holder or souvenir. As a true healing item, it finds the best way to serve you by itself.