Using Yoni Egg

What is the right size for me?

The truth is that women come in all shapes and sizes and are always changing. There is no – one size fit all. Therefore, we have considered your maximum comfort in designing four different sizes – extra small, small, medium and large.

The best and most suitable way to use the eggs is to use more than one egg, and sometimes it is preferable to use different sizes, at the same time. This will provide great comfort and maximum enjoyment, while working on your intimate muscles.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right size for you:

What is the right stone for me?

It is very simple: you need to love it before you place it inside your body (and, this is not limited just to yoni eggs J ).

Gemstones have traditional meanings and mystic energies - you may wish to research them before deciding on the most suitable egg. Different eggs might have different effects, but don’t worry - we have a wide range of gemstones and other stones available, to make sure you get the perfect answer to your needs.

When you choose an egg make sure to pick one that looks attractive and has a special meaning to you. Place your hands on your belly, take a deep breath, feel your emotions and listen to your instincts, when you feel sure about the egg - order.

Remember – the best size is the size that fits your needs perfectly. And for maximum pleasure and results it is highly recommended to try and match different eggs, even at the same time.

I do a lot of sport. Will these eggs help me?


Yes, you see working out all the muscles except for the pelvic floor is a mistake. Pelvic floor exercises are a bit tricky and require contracting and releasing, activities which are hard to pinpoint without vaginal egg.

Mia Yoni Egg enables you to feel the tension and relaxation within an instant, ensuring that the exercise is correctly performed, using the right muscles. Pelvic floor muscles are extremely important as they support the uterus, intestines and bladder, therefore maintaining continence, facilitating childbirth, and maximizing sexual pleasure. Most of us are completely unaware of these muscles, that is most of the time – until there is a problem.

Be smart - take responsibility for the healthy, sexy, amazing, and beautiful woman that you are. Moreover, the Mia Egg is really beautiful.

Can I be sure that it will come out safely?


Yes, you definitely can. For taking it out safely you can always use the Mia built-in chain - superb quality with guaranteed strength high-tech strings. Moreover, we check each and every Egg with a 9lbs (4kg) weight!

The chain with the egg is long enough to keep the end close to the vaginal opening. Even if your muscles contract accidentally, you will always be able to get it out safely and easily.

What happens if the yoni egg goes too deep inside me?


Put your worries at east – that is simply impossible.

The cervix, which is located at the top end of the vagina, keeps the uterus closed tightly (except during delivery). The cervix allows only bodily fluids to move in and out, as happens during menstruation and conception. Therefore you can be sure that your yoni egg could not accidently go too deep.

Do’s and Don’ts with you Mia Egg


Do not microwave your natural stone Mia Egg. But if you are looking for an extra thrill, you can soak it in warm or cold water.

Wash the Mia Egg with soap and water (this is for keeping your health and is recommended from time to time), and then drop it in a glass with alcohol or your favorite whiskey to get it sterilized. Never boil the egg! Boiling can harm the integrity of the chain.

PLEASE, use common sense when enjoying your Mia Egg! Do not use it if you feel it is unsafe in any way. Before each and every time you use it, be sure to wash it and inspect it for nicks, cracks, and scratches and check that the chain is strong and attached properly

Lisa, did you try Ben Wa balls or Yoni Egg by yourself?

LSG Touch

As a Tantra teacher, it is both my duty and pleasure to try all Ben Wa balls and vagina eggs I could find. I tried plastic, steel, stone and silicon balls and eggs, in different sizes and shapes. Some had no chain, silicon loop, or drilled hole to knot with dental floss. Others had a small ringing bell inside. They were balls that vibrated and came with an intensity remote control, others were smooth or textured.

Each type of balls has its own pros and cons:

Plastic balls are too light and too big. You can't move them by contracting your muscles or, when you relax, with the help of gravity. They also look very much like sex toys, so you have to hide them well if you wish to maintain your secret safe.

Steel balls, and sometime Gold Plated balls, in general are too small. If they come out, they are hard to put back in. Also, steel has a kind of masculine energy and touch which is not suitable for everybody.

Yoni eggs, especially those made of Jade, are almost perfect. But, using dental floss or other thread to ensure easy removal is more complicated and less aesthetic. Dental floss, as recommended by many shops, is very thin and under some circumstances may wound you in the most intimate places.

Music, vibrating, remote control, iPhone driven devices and other gadgets are very fun toys for a very short time. They tend to cause you to listen to them, not to your body. Their vibration arouses you quickly and intensely, like junk food. You cannot enjoy it for hours like you might enjoy a precious gourmet meal.

Lisa Shelly Gabriel, what was in your mind?


When I designed the Mia Egg, I tried to overcome as many disadvantages as possible. The Mia Jade Egg has the look of a jewel, and it never makes you confused - it works in harmony with your heart. The Mia Egg supports a variety of activities, like meditation, lovemaking, dancing, and bodyworks. It is suitable to your daily routine and even turns it into a new found excitement.

The yoni egg is made of a healing gemstone, and at times you can truly feel it give you power and replenish your energies. The gemstone takes your sadness, pain or soreness away, replacing it with calmness, ease and pleasure. When you feel the need to relax - just hold the egg in your hands, and within no time you will feel better.

A woman that bought vagina egg, told us that during the first week she only looked at the egg, placed it on her shelf, and tried to feel its energy, to speak to it, to love it.

Alexander, what do you think, like a man?


Personally, I think it is a great thing each woman should own. It has a feminine and elegant appearance. I like it very much when Lisa puts it inside. It always improves her mood, and makes her sexier and playful.

It’s a great gift for your girlfriend or spouse, and also – it’s less of a competition than a traditional vibrating toy! I don’t feel like it’s trying to replace me.

Where can I use the Mia Egg?


When inserted, the Mia Yoni Egg can bring you great pleasure, intimate pleasure, secretive and unnoticed. It is your small secret, your personal enjoyment, and its healing and pleasurable benefits will be felt while jogging, swimming, reading, having a long flight or during a boring meeting. For instance, you will be surprised to see how a long queue at the bank, seems not long enough…

Do you swim, jog or walk regularly? Do you find yourself tired of routine activities, even before the day actually started? Don’t have enough motivation? The Mia Egg helps you by making boring activities much more enjoyable.

Imagine placing the vagina egg inside, just before entering the pool or leaving your house. Your adventure starts now.

A little, sweet secret that nobody can uncover. Only you feel it, as the egg moves pleasurably with your every pace. You change rhythm and it changes its rhythm accordingly. There’s no resistance to the smiles as waves of pleasurable sensation pass throughout your body. This is definitely the best weather there ever was, the water temperature is just perfect, you meet somebody - he smiles at you. Suddenly you like fitness time…but it is over so quickly. You will definitely do it again tomorrow!

How do I start the exercise?

LSG yoni egg

When starting the exercise, you must understand the four stages of the vaginal egg’s movement: contract, hold, release, relax. At first it is best to do this in a sitting position, with the back erect and the legs spread to shoulder width.

Find a few minutes, a safe, quiet, clean, good smelling environment, and a comfortable place to recline. Start with the breast massage for approximately five minutes to stimulate hormone secretion from the breasts and ovaries. Then insert Mia Yoni Egg into the vagina. Hold Mia Egg inside the vagina by contracting the muscles that control the vaginal opening (the pubic muscle) and continue breathing normally without straining. After a few long breaths, relax all muscles and allow Mia Egg to emerge. After repeating the exercise a few times, remove Mia Yoni Egg and relax everything. Focus your attention on the sensations in the vagina and pelvic floor.

When breathing in, contract the muscles and allow the jade egg to rise in the vaginal canal. When breathing out, relax the muscle and allow the egg to descend. Try to maintain slight tension in the muscle to prevent the egg emerging. Repeat this raising activity a few times before moving to the resting stage.