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  • vaginal weightlifting band
  • vaginal weightlifting band
  • vaginal weightlifting band
  • vaginal weightlifting band
  • vaginal weightlifting band
  • vaginal weightlifting band
  • vaginal weightlifting band


Hi, I have a new Vagenius!  
  WTF? Vagenius? Have you got a new boyfriend?
No, Bill is still here. And he’s crazy about V too.  
  Really? You’re kidding me. Bill would never agree to a threesome.
You’re right, lol. The Vagenius isn’t what you think it is. It’s my new vaginal training band.   
  Vaginal training. Sweet. Now I understand why Bill’s excited. What does it look like?
It is simple, like Columbus’ egg. It’s a beautiful, colorful elastic band. They have quite a selection in the shop  
  I think I know it. I use one in my Pilates group. You tie your ankles together and then try to push your legs apart. That’ s not so cool.
You got it all wrong. I never do the gym. It’s pretty boring. The Vagenius is different. I can use it to lift a weight with my vagina.  
Literally! I never imagined I could do that. I was teasing Bill, promising him I’d show him, and he bought me a HUGE Mango.  
  I can’t believe it! Bill bought you a mango?! Must’ve taken you hours to convince him to ’waste his money.’
Wrong again, lol. I did it in three steps and five minutes.  
First, I showed him the Vagenius.  

Second, I explained how I ’d loop it around the mango.
Third, I told him I would lift it with my vagina while he watched.  
He went out to buy it himself.
  It sounds amazing. But I still don’t understand. Nobody can hold a band with a vagina.
Well, of course I can’t. I have a stone Yoni egg with a ring on it. I think I showed it to you before.  
  I remember a nice, red yoni egg. I thought you were kidding me.
Not at all. I used to exercise with it. I bought the Vagenius since holding the egg alone became too easy.  
When I bought the egg a year ago, they told me that it was the secret Eastern trick for keeping your man attracted. Now I know they were right.  
  Why? I’ve gotta know. I promise to keep the secret. I need something like this for myself.
I developed great muscles there. I feel better. I draw attention with my gait alone.  
And, when we make love, I squeeze them tight, like I’m hugging Bill inside me. It has an enormous effect on him. The mango story is just the icing on the cake.  
Now I’m going to be much stronger with the Vagenius. I’m sure I can ask him almost anything. And he has no interest in anybody else.  
  Wow. I have to check it out. The egg and the Vagenius… did you buy them at the same place?
Yep. On They have lots of erotic stuff, but the Vagenius is the must-have.  
I’m sorry, Hun. Gotta go. Bill just came back with the mango. And he’s as impatient as a baby.  
  Hugs and kisses. Good luck with your show. I’m going shopping. Gonna check out your link:


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Additional Information

12" (30cm)
Maximal Weight:
50oz (1.4kg)
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