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  • yoni egg for long flight
  • yoni egg for long flight
  • yoni egg for long flight


What balls are in this Yoni Egg set?

The larger Egg is L (Large) size: 2" (50mm) long l and 1.4" (35 mm) wide and weighs about 100 gram. It is the classic egg size and it is recommended for the starter level Kegel exercises. 

The smaller Mia is S (Small) size: 1.4" (35mm) tall and 1" (25 mm) wide. This is small Egg that recommended for advanced Kegel exercising, when your muscles are strong and you able to full control them. You may put additional weight on the Egg's string to provide to get even more challenge.

The larger Mia is made of natural Green Quartz. Many traditions use green quartz for luck, prosperity, hope and even wealth. Green quartz is also thought to play a role in decision making and leadership by bringing empathy and compassion.

The smaller Mia is made of a natural Jasper Flower gemstone. The Jasper Flower grounds your mental energies. It can focus your thinking so you can deal with any problem. The Jasper Flower slowly brings you into balance. 

So it looks great, but why do I really need it?

Yoni egg it the best silent and solitary entertainment for a long flight. It deeply relaxes and calms you down. It makes any plane chair surprisingly comfortable and even pleasurable. It makes other passengers to look friendly. Yoni Egg make your flight so nice and sometimes exciting that you probably will wish it to be longer.

Are we destined for a horrible sex life?

Of course we are not. Just take the responsibility for your sex life. Sex is much too serious a matter to be left in the hands of men. They watch too much TV or even porn. You need to care for your joy, good feeling, emotions, playfulness and sexuality by yourself. The first step on this new way is to buy a jade egg but better the Mia Egg. It comes with all you need to start, including Kegel Exercise brochure and a luxury silk pouch. If you are already here - simple buy and try.

What are the health benefits of kegel exercises?

There are many health benefits to the kegel exercises: urinary incontinence, vaginal lubrication, strengthening the vaginal and pelvic floor and more…
Without the egg, it is hard to be sure what muscles are being activated. Even women that are experienced in yoga, pilates or the Feldenkrais method reported that they mistakenly worked with the lower abdominal muscles until they started to use the Egg. 
With the Egg inside, muscle identification is both instant and certain. To professionally master your muscles you need a high quality training kit, also known as the Mia Egg.When the muscles are fully relaxed the egg simply falls out naturally, due to its own weight.

Can I be sure, I do it the right way?

Just play with it… When you invite your favorite Mia Egg, you receive it together with all exercises, games and procedures you need to know. Listen to your body and feelings, just be. This is the very point. You are going to find your own best way to exercise. You are going to reveal your own sexuality. You are going to get a much closer look to your self. Mia turns all your focus inside, and every time you meet there somebody different, sometimes surprising. One thing is certain – it is very personal, unpredictable and exciting.

Can I be sure that it will come out safely?

Yes, you definitely can. For taking it out safely you can always use the Mia built-in chain - superb quality with guaranteed strength high-tech strings. Moreover, we check each and every Egg with a 9lbs (4kg) weight!

The chain with the egg is long enough to keep the end close to the vaginal opening. Even if your muscles contract accidently, you will always be able to get it out safely and easily.

What is the right size for me?

The truth is that women come in all shapes and sizes and are always changing. There is no – one size fit all. Therefore, we have considered your maximum comfort in designing four different sizes – extra small, small, medium and large.
The best and most suitable way to use the eggs is to use more than one egg, and sometimes it is preferable to use different sizes, at the same time. This will provide great comfort and maximum enjoyment, while working on your intimate muscles.
Here are some tips to help you choose the right size for you:

  • If you have delivered a baby in the last few months, take L.
  • If you have some incontinence problem, take L.
  • If you barely feel your sexual partner inside, take L.
  • If you are a very small woman, take M or S.
  • If you have no children, take S or M.
  • If you are experienced with kegel exercises, take S.
  • If you have a pain during intercourse, vaginismus or vestibulitis, take XS.
  • If you already have any Mia Egg, then you will surely know the best size for you.

What is the right stone for me?

It is very simple: you need to love it before you place it inside your body (and, this is not limited just to yoni eggs :). 
Gemstones have traditional meanings and mystic energies - you may wish to research them before deciding on the most suitable egg. Different eggs might have different effects, but don’t worry - we have a wide range of gemstones and other stones available, to make sure you get the perfect answer to your needs. Place your hands on your belly, take a deep breath, feel your emotions and listen to your instincts, when you feel sure about the egg - order.

Lisa Shelly Gabriel, did you try Yoni Eggs by yourself?

As a Tantra teacher, it is both my duty and pleasure to try all Yoni Eggs I could find. I tried plastic, steel, stone and silicon balls, in different sizes and shapes. Some had no chain, silicon loop, or drilled hole to knot with dental floss. Others had a small ringing bell inside. They were balls that vibrated and came with an intensity remote control, others were smooth or textured.

Each type of balls has its own pros and cons:

Plastic balls are too light and too big. You can't move them by contracting your muscles or, when you relax, with the help of gravity. They also look very much like sex toys, so you have to hide them well if you wish to maintain your secret safe.

Steel balls, and sometime Gold Plated balls, in general are too small. If they come out, they are hard to put back in. Also, steel has a kind of masculine energy and touch which is not suitable for everybody.

Stone eggs, especially those made of Jade, are almost perfect. But, using dental floss or other thread to ensure easy removal is more complicated and less aesthetic. Dental floss, as recommended by many shops, is very thin and under some circumstances may wound you in the most intimate places.

Music, vibrating, remote control, iPhone driven devices and other gadgets are very fun toys for a very short time. They tend to cause you to listen to them, not to your body. Their vibration arouses you quickly and intensely, like junk food. You cannot enjoy it for hours like you might enjoy a precious gourmet meal.

Heart, Head and Hand made.

We only create with love from our hearts! We only use premium quality, natural materials - from all around the world. We use natural crystal gemstones, handmade glass, high-tech super-strong strings and premium handmade pottery clay.

By combining thinking, research and design, we have been able to produce this beautiful, smart, handy item. It is handmade and from our hearts we charge the items with warm, healing energy, personally for you. No artificial, dyed of synthetic stones. No plastics, phthalates, silicon, glue or tints.

Every item has its natural, unique look and feel

Since we use genuine natural gemstones, every Mia Egg has its unique color and pattern that may be slightly different from the one presented in the picture. Every item is unique, special, and with its own character, which makes your item – your very personal and intimate item.

How do I start the exercise?

Do’s and Don’ts with you Mia Egg

Where can I use the Mia Egg?

I do a lot of sport. Will these Yoni Eggs help me?

What happens if the ball goes too deep inside me?

Alexander, what do you think about Yoni Eggs?

Lisa Shelly Gabriel, what is the idea behind this new type of Yoni Eggs

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