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  • CALM-and-HAPPY
  • CALM-and-HAPPY
  • CALM-and-HAPPY


The kit includes Qigong Breast massage Necklace and Mia Yoni Egg. It is hard to believe, but easy to understand that this beautiful, precious necklace is actually medical Qigong tool.

My Qigong teacher said: "Where the Mind goes, the Qi flows". Qi is pronounced “chee” and means the life force or vital energy that flows through all things in the universe. Qi follows your mind, and profound waves of vitality flow through your breasts, increasing metabolism and activating protective cells inside.You feel younger, healthier and more attractive. And so do your breasts.

How many times do you touch your breast during the day? I’m afraid that the answer is between “just a little” and “almost never.” This is the problem. Your precious breasts are out of sight, out of mind. No mind means no qi. No qi means no health—sometimes, no life.

On the ends sit large, heavy cookies. Your new necklace rescues you touching your breasts, with every step and movement. It is the most important reminder in your tight schedule. Touch your breasts, rearranging the necklace – no one will notice this lifesaving exercise.

Breast massage opens your heart, relaxes your body and prepares it for Kegel exercises. While you are massaging your breast, blood and vital energy flow to your pelvic floor. Your nether muscles get higher tonus, be prepared to catch and squeeze. Finally you may feel some dampness that allow you effortlessly ease the egg in.

What is it made of? - Natural stone and glass beads. The cookie beads on the open ends of the necklace are made of natural Thai Turquoise stone. Turquoise is powerful protection stone, especially if it has been given in friendship. 
The Yoni egg is made of natural Green Quartz. Many traditions use green quartz for luck, prosperity, hope and even wealth. Green quartz is also thought to play a role in decision making and leadership by bringing empathy and compassion.

Does size matters? - yes and no. The necklace is One size -113cm (45") long, the cookie is 2" (5cm) wide. It is long enough to provide you freedom, both when wearing it and when you massage with it. It easily reaches any point on your breasts.
The Egg is L (Large) size: 2" (50mm) long l and 1.4" (35 mm) wide and weighs about 100 gram. It is the classic Egg size, approved by ages of ancient China Chinese Tao tradition. It is recommended for starter level Kegel exercises.

Is it versatile enough to wear to work, a date, or a party? - The necklace fits every style: casual, business, and hippy. The Yoni Egg provides profound relief in many boring situations, like a transatlantic flight. Although it should be avoided when you are driving a car.

Why should I exercise with Yoni Egg? – It has numerous physical and mental benefits. Yoni Egg strength the pelvic floor muscles and tightens vagina. It awakens feminine sexual energy and increases the intensity of orgasms. Read more here in our Yoni Egg Guide.


Breast massages lessen some of the harmful effects of the bra.

Yoni Egg prevents incontinence and prolapse.

Breast massages help reveal and treat problematic conditions early.

Yoni Egg helps maintain hormonal balance.

Breast massages, when performed by your spouse,  are highly pleasurable.

Yoni Egg intensifies pleasure and boosts your sexual drive – buy and try!!

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