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  • adult toy finger fun
  • adult toy finger fun
  • yoni massage finger
  • ceramic yoni wand
  • yoni massage finger
  • ceramic yoni wand


Hello, I'm your new Finger-fun.

I am smooth, strong and hard. I am made from fine terracotta clay which has been hand-painted and then fired in a kiln at 1050°C. I am 100% hygienic, washable, and can be applied to the whole body. I'm about 2.8" (7cm) long and about .1.1" (2.8cm) wide in the middle.

What am I good for? -The answer is that it depends on who’s playing...


A. You fall in love, and you fall into bed. You are cute and passionate; he is delightful and tender. Both of you are flying high…. he starts to go faster. You hesitate. You think: “I'm going to be left behind... Enough!” Using the Finger-fun, you press on his million dollar spot. This is hard to do using just your finger, but with your Finger-fun it’s easy. You press down, and your partner experiences his first orgasm that doesn’t involve ejaculation. That’s why they call it a million dollar spot. Now, he can go again, and you have a great chance of being able to come at the same time.

B. A man does not have a vagina. It's a great loss. But he has an anus. And the anus is a very sensitive and erotic spot. Penetrating it with your finger may turn you both on. The problem is that it may not accommodate your long feminine nails. No sexual pleasure is worth ruining your fresh manicure over. And he may not be delighted to be scratched down there. But guess what? The Finger-fun is a hard, perfectly smooth, sexily designed and washable solution to all of these potential problems. By inserting the Finger-fun to a depth of three inches, you reach a sacred place that gives your man the same outstanding orgasm as our g-spot does for us.

C. The Finger-fun is designed to increase stamina. Men always go too fast, tire too quickly, and come too early. Don’t bother explaining that a bed is not a highway. Simply give him a taste of your sexy, always-hard Finger-fun. It encourage his inner playfulness and makes him entertain you for a greater – and more joyful – length of time. How long? In one word: WOW! It may be a boyish game, but it brings about the endurance of king.


A. We, men, unlike women, do not have long nails. Sure, you may not scratch her. But our fingers are some distance from the smoothness of the Finger-fun. Trust me, its glassy touch, in conjunction with your skillful hand and loving gaze, will make her melt.

B. Many times, she likes to experience unusual sensations. The touch of something either hot or icy cold. But don’t try to heat or freeze your fingers. It is not going to be sexy. Instead, take your new Finger-fun and soak it in hot or ice-cold water. Now, you are ready to surprise her! One more tip: Buy two pieces of Finger-fun. Make one of them hot and the other cold, and alternate between the two. Just like that, you transform yourself into a stunning, exciting, unbeatable lover.

C. You are great lover under all and any circumstances. Even if she has some passing problem like vaginal dryness, you can overcome it. You take a generously lubricated Finger-fun. Gently and carefully, you open and extend her vulva and vagina. You talk to her softly and tenderly...and her body gives you the fluid response.


A. The colorful stripes on our rainbow flag are meant to signify diversity. Diversity of joy and pleasure; diversity of toys and tools. This is why the Finger-fun, with its diversity of shape, color, length, texture, you name it, is so very exciting.

B. Is it right to say that the Finger-fun looks sexy? If you do, I will agree that it is. Its colors inspire playfulness. This playfulness, in turn, leads to heightened sensitivity. All of which leads you to listen to and understand your partner with greater intimacy. He enjoys it more, and you enjoy it more. These huge improvements are – quite literally – at your fingertips.

C. Everybody is aware that we know best when it comes to beauty and style. At least, compared to straight people we do. Our exquisite taste in clothes is obvious. And so let's take it one step further and include pleasure accessories in our approach to couture. Like fine clothing, these too can be unique, handmade and artistic. Of course, straight people can understand this too. But not in the same extent that we do.


A. We like to make our nightly date a special event. Fulfill our fantasies, feel more, do less. We both have several Finger-fun pieces. It looks like a colorful manicure: smooth, and permanently hard. Do you really need to ask why we need more than one? Are you kidding! One for coldness, one for heat. One for here, another for there – that’s four already. Sometimes, as I’m sure you are aware, one finger is not enough.

B. In the course of our special night, two feminine universes become one. Nothing is missing, although a hard, strong addition such as Finger-fun can provide an excellent twist. Increased pleasure and amusement - why not? Just have fun. It is small, cute, intimate and entertaining.

C. In the course of our special night, we worship our vulvas. They are our temples of love. Every temple has its own amulets, tools and rituals. Our feminine temples are no different. See how I bring a new offering to your beautiful, joyful, juicy temple. It is a pair of colorful, handmade, unique Finger-fun pieces Do you love them? – Oh, I'm so happy. I'm going to use one of them right now. Relax, breath, and do nothing. Let the love ceremony begin.


Once upon a time, I ate a Greek salad without a knife and fork. Using just my fingers, I made my way through olives, onion, lettuce, tomato and some pieces of cheese. The mushrooms slipped away, however. The croutons crumbled. Sauce was dripping on my stomach...I felt like such a cavewoman. “Yes,” I said to myself, “I can do it with my fingers. But I don’t have to do it this way all the time. I am a smart, modern woman, who loves dining on fine tablecloths using a knife, a fork, and several plates."

When it comes to lovemaking, this scene is like a deja vu. There are many things that I can do using just my fingers. But sometimes I prefer to do them using beautiful, festive and well-fitting tools, like Finger-fun.

My inspiration sources were: 
A) Lovemaking. Lots of it. Thanks to my log, I have records of at least 1,224 separate occasions.
B) Tantra teaching. I have met and taught hundreds of men, women and couples how to enhance their sexual life and health. In doing so, I revealed to them the secret art of lovemaking. And they, in turn, gave me a wealth of fresh ideas.
C) Meditation. Sometimes, when I sit with my eyes closed, I see a caveman digging soil with his fingers. That's how it was done for thousands of years, until the invention of the spade. “Well done,” I say to myself. “Really, impressive.” But, do you know what's going on these days when it comes to sex? You'd be surprised to hear, I’m sure, that almost nothing has changed. There are many people out there still acting just with their fingers...

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