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  • yoni massage wand
  • yoni massage wand
  • yoni massage wand
  • yoni massage wand
  • yoni massage wand
  • yoni massage wand


The Wand has a unique, distinctive texture that stimulates acupressure spots on the vagina walls, providing both health benefits and extra joy. I recommend to soak it in warm water before use. But the best thing to do is to take it with you into a hot tub.
The wand is always at your service with its fascinating touch and unfailing hardness. Unlike regular sex toys, the Wand does not vibrate or over-stimulate. Thus, you can enjoy it for a far longer time, several times a day, alone or with your loving spouse. Just remember to keep the chain outside your body. It ensures that your Wand will be returned safely and securely.

Unlike any Silicone

Unlike similar silicon products, your new Wand is a handmade and unique work of art. As such, you are now the lucky owner of a personalized, one-of-a-kind item. Your new terracotta lover will serve you timelessly with minimal care required from yourself. Just remember to wash it thoroughly with warm water and soap before and after each session. Do not use boiling water, as it will destroy the chain.  For deep cleaning, soak your Wand in alcohol for couple of hours. Do not worry, it will not get drunk. 

Hot or Iced?

Your Wand is made from fine terracotta clay, hand painted by me and then fired in a kiln at 1050° C. It is like your favorite coffee cup. And just like coffee, it can be served hot, iced, or regular. For best results, it should be soaked in either hot or ice-cold water. Do you want one more exciting idea? Try using it in the hot tub. Spread some candles and incense around, switch off the lights, and enjoy.

Hippocrates’ Pelvic Massage

Like most people from western countries, you may be unaware that there are multiple acupressure points inside your vagina. Hippocrates (460–377 BCE), the “father of medicine”, and the physicians of his time were aware of vaginal acupressure as a treatment for female sexual disorders and other diseases. Modern medicine recognizes vaginal acupressure as an effective treatment for sex organs disorders, urinary tract infections and problems relating to the intestines. In light of this, you may want to ask me: ‘Is there any difference between playing with a motorized vibrator and vaginal acupressure?’ And my answer to your question is, ‘Yes!’ 

Motorized sex toys produce strong feelings of intense arousal in almost every part of the body. They lead to orgasm as quickly as possible. The timescale is so short that the underlying body-mind processes don’t have a chance to begin. Vaginal acupressure, conversely, is performed so slowly that you can feel your emotions held by the different tissues in contact with your Wand. Your body has enough time to adopt the new feelings, recalibrate itself, and adjust to healthier biorhythms.

Self-healing Wand Therapy

First, find a calm, quiet place where nobody will interrupt your journey. Put on your most comfortable clothes. Or take them off - whichever makes you more relaxed.

Massaging your own breasts is a good way to start. Employ this simple, intuitive procedure for between five and ten minutes and you will feel the subtle erotic arousal that is essential for a successful tour around the rest of your body.

Now, hold your Wand in your hand.

Do not worry how strong you hold the Wand. There is a very strong chain attached. Be sure to leave the chain outside the body so that you can get your Wand back safely and securely.

Start with the less sensitive areas, so as to give to your body time to wake up. The more you do it, the more your capacity for enjoyment will improve. Sometimes you may find it useful to apply some oil or moisturizing gel, but in most cases, after a good breast massage, this is unnecessary.

Apply your Wand slowly and thoroughly to the walls of your vagina. Try to explore the most sensitive points, because their exact location is very specific. Observe your senses and your feelings. Take a breath or two. Continue to the next point on your journey to the deepest accessible parts of your vagina, and then back again.

Finally, apply the Wand to the vulva and the clitoris. Touch, press, glide, and tickle.

To be continued …

As soon as your new Wand arrives.

We deliver to 108 countries worldwide in 3-15 business days depending on location and selected shipping method. The Wand arrives in a regular, entirely discreet business envelope. When you open it, the gift wrapping is revealed. Your new Wand is inside, in its luxury pouch, ready to use.

Now, find a calm, quiet place where nobody will interrupt you, and place the order. We will take care of all the rest.

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5.2" (13 cm)
1.2" (3.0cm)
70 gram
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