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How to greet your girlfriend on your penis

First of all, it is a great idea. She will be happy to see an undoubtedly dedicated ding-dong.
The most straightforward way to do so is tattooing. Tattooing mostly preserves your part’s real color and shape and will always be ready for showing off. It is durable and sounds heroic.

But, there are two sides to every coin . Tattooing may be painful or risky, and takes you out of action for weeks. And what if she doesn’t like the text?

I propose a better way, one where everybody wins. I will write your message on a ceramic deputy member . Look: a big, beautiful, personal ceramic dick with your greeting on it.

It is better in so many ways:
1. You can choose the color and the image as well as the text.
2. She can choose the shape and size.
3. It is smooth and ever hard and pleasurable.
4. More toys - more joy.
5. All the gain - without pain

What’s left? -The text, the text for the sex...the sex for the text! Sex and orgasms stretch our creativity to the greatest extent. I suggest we take a break now. The break is for great, passionate, flaming sex to awaken the best, most loving words in your mind, words that we will put on your new lingam.
Yes, I write down your exact wording, do not be shy, be YOU!
Yes, I faithfully keep your secret. I never use your copywriting for someone else’s lingam.
Usually the wand is ready in just a few days.

How to send a touching Love Letter

Looking for original, personal stationery for your love message? You’ve found it! I set your message in stone. Not exactly a stone, but stoneware. Yes, a shiny, colorful, smooth stoneware phallus. Then, I send it for you to your beloved at the other end of the world.
It carries your private message in the most intimate way. Imagine her reading it again and again. Keeping it close to her heart and body. Taking deep breath, thinking about you. Appreciating your romantic words’ meaning and form.

How to put your words into a vagina (design)

I make my lingams to be pleasurable for vaginas. I make them with my own hands, and there are no two identical lingams in the shop, or in real life. To make your custom lingam more vagina-friendly, you can order one of my vagina designs. In contrast to a lingam, a vagina has no clear shape or direction. It is soft, its shape varies, and many of its features are concealed in its depth. Depicting a vagina on the lingam brings harmony. It makes male and female energies peacefully connected. The vagina is the most creative place in the world. Once it even created You. Putting your romantic words inside an image of a vagina recreates your love. Putting romantic words inside a vagina may recreate the world…or You. Choose one and write us in order remark.

vagina vignette meet yourself vagina vignette i know who i am vagina vignette freedom peace 
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vagina vignette love yourself vagina vignette yours vagina vignette touch more
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How to keep up your magic touch when you are away from home

Imagine that you are going to leave your home for a few weeks. Whatever the cause is, business, secret service, or academic, you have to make the same arrangements. Yes, she is so smart and independent that she easily manages the house on her own. Although, Bob and Sheryl will visit her. Bob can help with the car… Sarah will meet her for a coffee. The kids may sometimes play with the neighbor’s son.

But, what happens at night? Without you, it may be gloomy, even depressing...Asking for help from Bob, sounds weird. The same is true for Sarah... Yeah, a magic wand makes some basics easier. But how to give her your magic, shivering, personal touch?

Personal touch...LSG Touch! It is exactly what we do. Nothing may recall your memories better than our one-of-a-kind, handmade stoneware wand with a PERSONAL CUSTOM inscription.

Imagine your romantic words literally touching her body and soul. Gliding and reciting, tickling and reciting, recreating the pleasure and joy.
You can trust us with your most intimate and private words. Rest assured , your text is our Top Secret. We put it on the wand, period.

By the way, it takes just a few days to make it. Using our faster delivery, you have a chance to try out the new wand together, before you leave.

Have a nice trip!

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